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Top Food Delivery Apps in Canada

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30 Dec 2021

  • Table of content
  • Introduction
  • Advantages of online food delivery
  • Top food delivery apps in Canada
  • Conclusion


Global revenues from online food delivery are growing and are expected to continue growing. This is not surprising given the corresponding growth in smartphone users around the world. So why is the sales of restaurant food growing so rapidly through various online resources? Do you already know the benefits of online food delivery?

Many of us today are literally online. Here we chat with friends, check their news, get health advice, work and, of course, order food.  

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Advantages of Online Food Delivery App Development

Today, the possibility of ordering food online with delivery is a necessary level of service if a restaurateur wants his own business to flourish. But there are a whole host of other benefits of food delivery services that make life easier for smartphone users and restaurant owners!

Increasing the capacity of a restaurant

We are not talking about buying additional space or major repairs. Suppose there is a restaurant with 30 tables in the hall. No matter how popular this establishment is, it can only accommodate 30 customer tables. Yes, some tables may become empty in the late afternoon, but replenishing them is not always easy. And if visitors really enjoy the restaurant, its atmosphere and cuisine, they won't want to leave.

This may sound good, but it also means that you won't be able to attract new customers to the restaurant, even if the desire is great. In this case, the offer directly affects the level of your profit. Here, food delivery via the Internet comes to the rescue. All 30 tables can be filled, and people will continue to order food from this restaurant and enjoy its cuisine at home.

Automation of collection

Technology does the toughest job which is automation, so restaurant workers can relax and do more important things like serving customers in the dining room. Mobile apps improve productivity. Restaurant employees also benefit from increased productivity because they know what to do and when to do it. This is a benefit for everyone!

Reach of Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials are important because they make up a huge proportion of the world's population and the customer base of any food service establishment. 

Millennials make up about a quarter of the world's population, although a significant portion of them live in Third World countries, and Gen Z is catching up quickly. These age groups use food delivery services the most, which is why online delivery services allow the restaurants that use them to conquer this large audience. 

Delivery services are especially popular, as they allow users to choose not only a specific dish, but also the restaurant in which they wish to place an order. 

Reducing human error

Errors do happen. They are part of life. But one way to reduce errors is to automate food delivery processes, which is achieved through mobile applications. 

An employee who takes an order by phone or at the table may make a mistake, forget, or misheard a customer due to the noise in the restaurant. 

However, using a food delivery app eliminates any risk of misunderstanding or misunderstanding. The app shows exactly what the user ordered, and there will be no errors on the screen.

Winning the Competition

This advantage is important, first of all, for the owners of cafes and restaurants. An increasing number of catering establishments are taking advantage of online delivery. Survival in the market depends on how quickly a particular restaurant connects to online services. If competitors are already online, they have more reach and a chance to attract customers!
Thus, the use of online resources is a modern requirement, which allows customers to save time and receive quality food at a minimum cost. This method of delivery allows restaurant owners to increase profits, and employees - to unload their working day a little. 

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Top 4 Food Delivery Apps in Canada

Dozens of apps, including the king of the sharing economy, Uber, make it easy to order food from your favorite restaurants and hidden gems in your city.  Perhaps you are hoping to relax rather than worry about finding dinner. Or maybe you want to focus on your work rather than leaving the office. Anyway, shipping apps can help. Just find the restaurant or cuisine you want and food will be on the way.
For Android users and iPhone owners, there are dozens of food delivery apps in the app store. Not every start-up offers its own delivery service in every city on demand.  

1) Caviar

You can view a list of all restaurants near you and view the menu with photos for each item. You can schedule food delivery a week in advance. Or you can take advantage of a feature called Caviar Fastbite for meals delivered in 15 minutes or less during peak lunch and dinner times. You can also track your food with GPS in real time, or add a note to your order to customize your meal or make a special request.

2) is a multifunctional application that offers not only food delivery, but also the delivery of alcohol, groceries and laundry services. You can search by kitchen or specific product, check what's popular, and earn shipping points for every purchase.

3) Eat24

Eat24 allows you to search for specific cuisines, specific restaurants, or even specific dishes - whatever you want. The app integrates Yelp reviews so you can see what other users think of the restaurant without leaving the app. You can use filters to sort your options by distance, by latest, top-rated restaurants, and delivery or pick-up options. You can also indicate your preferences, such as whether you like spicy foods or trying to follow a healthy diet.

4) GrubHub

GrubHub is a popular food delivery app for your favorite local restaurants. To use the app, you simply enter your address (at home or in the office) and GrubHub will tell you which restaurants are delivering goods. You can also check which restaurants near you offer transfer options. If you already know what you want, you can search by cuisine, restaurant name, or even a specific menu item. The app also gives you access to reviews, coupons, specials, and even 24/7 customer support. You can browse menus from your favorite places or use the app to find new favorites. 


You can now enjoy your favorite meal at the comfort of your room by simply making use of your mobile device. Your meat will be delivered to your preferred location without you moving away from your chair or bed. If you have a restaurant or a food business and you need a mobile app to manage your delivery services, you meet with us at Hyperlink InfoSystem. 

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30Dec 2021

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