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How Much Does it Cost to Create an App Like Netflix?

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14 Feb 2022

Every invention brings changes that end up being the routine part of the users' life. Nothing has changed more than the entertainment industry. It looks like they have been going forward with the lighting speed. The first television was introduced in 1927 and the OTT platform Netflix was established in 1997. So we have literally travelled from the television to OTT platform in just the span of 70 years. 

Every OTT platform including Netflix is ruling the entertainment world right now. And frankly, speaking, why not? They provide rich content, extraordinary user experience and easy access to the platform. The popularity of Netflix has helped the platform to earn $6.7 billion in the year 2015 which reached $24.9 billion in the year 2020.

If you have a business mind you must be wondering how much does it cost to make a mobile application just like Netflix right? I have the answer for that. In this blog, we will cover everything starting from key features of Netflix, Why you should have a mobile app just like Netflix, what are factors that affect the Netflix app development process and last but not least, the average Netflix-like app development cost.

Key Features of Netflix

Every mobile app has something that makes them unique. Those features make them rule the world. Netflix has many unique features that set it apart and rule the world.

  • High-quality video streaming with low internet connection
  • Netflix originals
  • Uninterrupted movie and shows streaming
  • Video streaming speed adjustment
  • 30 days free trial before purchasing a subscription
  • Pocket-friendly subscription plans

The Netflix App Features That Users Love

The above-mentioned features were some of the unique features that let Netflix rule the world of entertainment app development. But what are the features that users love about Netflix? We wanted an honest answer about that so we conducted a survey where we interviewed a few Netflix users and asked them what are the features they love about Netflix and why. So, here is the summary of the answers we have received.

  • Easy Access: Netflix has mobile and web applications that users can access anywhere. All the users have to do is download the application on their device and enjoy their favorite shows and movies anytime anywhere.
  • User Recommendation: Users can watch any shows and movies from their favorite genre. And Netflix recommendation feature will list similar genres Newly released or existing shows and movies that users might like.
  • Global Content: Netflix has content from all over the world. Users can watch shows and movies of various languages and genres such as English, Korean, Anime, European and many more. Browse through it and explore the global content whenever you want.
  • Games: Do not want to install various different gaming mobile apps? No worries! Netflix has got you covered. The latest Netflix app feature has introduced a new gaming feature. It has some refreshing and mind-blowing games such as Stranger Things, Bowling Ballers, Card Blast and many more.
  • Free Content: Yes, there is some popular content that users can watch on Netflix without purchasing any subscription fees. Yes, the list of the content is short but they have chosen quality over the quantity for the free content. You can watch globally trending shows such as Stranger things, The bird box, When They See Us, the Boss baby and even documentaries such as Our Planet for free.
  • Profile sharing: Netflix is a trendsetter when it comes to one subscription and multiple profiles. Users can purchase one subscription and share it with up to 5 people. Users can create 5 different profiles and share their Netflix account with them. Those will be password protected profiles so even if you have the Netflix credentials you can not access any other profile other than yours.

Important Features and Factors to Keep in Mind While Developing an App Like Netflix

Those were the features that users love about Netflix but what about you? How can you develop an OTT mobile application that sets you apart from the competition and steals users' hearts? Hire a mobile application developer Canada who has experience combining all the below-listed features and factors for your mobile app.

  • Social Media Integration: Social media is one of the greatest ways to be in touch with loved ones around the world. You can leverage this allowing users to share videos through various social media platforms directly. Along with that, you can allow them to invite other users to join and watch videos together.
  • Live Video Streaming: Live video streaming is one of the features that can help you engage more users than usual. You can provide live streaming of sports matches or interviews and many more.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide easy access to all your video content. Users should be able to find the content they want effortlessly through various filters. Users should be able to rewatch the shows and movies, manage their accounts and can view newly released shows as per their interest easily.
  • Rating & Reviews: Let the users leave actual ratings and reviews about the shows and movies they have watched so other users can decide whether not to watch the show based on the reviews.
  • Various Subscription plans: Provide various subscription plans such as monthly, yearly and so on. Let the user decide which subscription plan they want to choose. It will help you obtain many users choosing various different plans.
  • One time registration: Users should be able to access their account just by logging in once. It should only ask for login credentials when they want to access the account from a different device.
  • Multiple Device Support: The user should be able to access their account from various android, apple or web devices at the same time.

Cost to Develop an App Like Netflix

The list of features and functions that can make your mobile app development can cost you a bit. But there are other things as well that can affect your app development costing such as:

  • The features and functionalities you want to include in your mobile app.
  • The platforms(Android, Apple or Web) you want to target to release and perform the app.
  • App design and development complexity that enhances the app performance.
  • App maintenance cost.

Including all these functions and features a video streaming mobile application development like Netflix can cost you around  $10,000 to $25,000. Apart from that if you hire app developers, it can cost you differently based on their experience and location.

Bottom Line

This is pretty much everything that should affect the video streaming application development process. So, if you want to develop a mobile application like Netflix, reach out to Hyperlink app development company. Our business analyst will help you get the exact costing quotation after that our design team will work on the app design. Once you get the heads up on the design from your end, our experienced app developers will go ahead with the development process. The QA team will test the app entirely before delivering the final solution team to you. Our support team will be there for you to provide after-sale services as well.

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14Feb 2022

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