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Best App For Finding EV Charging Stations

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10 May 2024

Electric vehicles are the future as we are running out of petroleum fuels. In the current world, electric vehicles are taking over the market. Well, it is easy to buy an electric vehicle(EV), but it is hard to find EV charging stations. The EV technology is still in the developing phase and there are limited charging stations available. The simple solution to this problem is the charger finder app. 

Why Need an App for Electric Charging Stations?

EV charging station applications are essential for helping people make the switch to electric vehicles because they give users easy access to charging stations, timely availability notifications, and easy ways to make payments. These applications help people adopt electric cars more widely by streamlining the charging procedure and reducing range anxiety.

Suppose, you live in India, then simply need to search for EV charging stations India, and you will see various charging options nearby on the app. The apps are really helpful to find the charging station nearby.

Top 10 EV Charging Apps

1) ChargeHub

ChargeHub is a vital app as it makes it easier to find charging stations in the area and provides real-time availability information. Users are empowered to make informed decisions by its abundance of information, which includes pricing, station ratings, user reviews, and regional information.

The app also allows users to customize their search based on specific preferences like location, connector type, and payment methods, to provide them a personalized charging experience. For individuals who own EVs, ChargeHub makes charging more effective and convenient, whether they're traveling or performing regular errands.

2) Chargeway

Chargeway makes EV charging easier by offering an intuitive interface that makes navigating various networks and charger kinds easier. Using an intuitive color-coded system, users can easily identify compatible chargers and filter options based on speed and cost. Planning a vacation is made easier with real-time charger availability information. Chargeway provides owners of electric vehicles with a hassle-free charging option, guaranteeing comfort and assurance.

3) EVgo

The EVgo app provides a simple method to locate nearby charging stations and verify charger availability. Users can add filter stations according to the kind of plug and the rate at which they charge.

The need for several apps is gone as customers can now access ChargePoint and other stations directly within the EVgo app. A standout feature of EVgo is its rewards program, which allows users to accrue points for utilizing chargers and exchange them for complimentary charging sessions.

4) PlugShare

PlugShare is a recognized presence in the EV charging app industry, granting electric vehicle owners access to a diverse selection of charging stations, regardless of their location. Yet, its appeal extends beyond mere coverage, as it is deeply committed to cultivating a dynamic user community.

In addition to providing real-time updates on station availability and pricing, PlugShare encourages user interaction by facilitating connections, shared experiences, and knowledge exchange. It goes beyond basic functionality by encouraging users to contribute insights and reviews, assisting fellow EV enthusiasts in making informed decisions.

But PlugShare's capabilities don't end here. It streamlines trip planning through intuitive features, ensuring seamless journeys with minimal charging disruptions. Furthermore, taking into account the wide range of energy source preferences, the app is customizable, giving users the ability to give priority to renewable energy solutions that align with their environmental ideals.

PlugShare is more than just an EV charging software; it's an ecosystem that empowers owners of electric vehicles and creates a strong feeling of community within the sustainable transportation industry.

5) MyGreenCar

Streamline your car comparison process with MyGreenCar. Whether you're assessing fuel costs for traditional vehicles or exploring the viability of electric options, this platform eliminates the guesswork. 

For electric vehicles, MyGreenCar forecast range viability and calculate charging requirements, ensuring you make informed decisions. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to efficiency with MyGreenCar.

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6) ElectricPe

ElectricPe stands out as one of the premier EV station finder apps available. Offering a comprehensive range of features akin to other EV charging apps, it includes vehicle history tracking, balance inquiries, and real-time charging updates. 

While providing diverse charging option details, it refrains from establishing network compatibility. Particularly favored by frequent EV drivers, ElectricPe facilitates convenience through RFID and QR code functionality for effortless location of charging stations.

7) Google Maps

Google Maps are most accurate for finding the exact location of the charging station. It is one of the most prominent app that provides you the real-time updates about the charging store and also helps you to find the shortest and best route to reach the station. Hire mobile app developers with experience in navigation app development for efficient EV app development that gives you the best navigation features. 

8) TelioEV

TelioEV, a rising player in India's EV charging app scene, aims to simplify and enhance the electric vehicle charging experience. Understanding the nation's apprehension towards EV adoption due to limited charging infrastructure, TelioEV is committed to offering an intelligent, reliable, and cost-efficient solution.

With a user-centric approach, TelioEV boasts a simple and intuitive interface for easy navigation and access to charging stations. It offers remote troubleshooting and 24x7 station monitoring for seamless charging experiences. Moreover, secure payment modes ensure user trust and convenience.

For developers eyeing the EV charging app market, TelioEV's strategies, focusing on simplicity, reliability, and accessibility, serve as valuable lessons in catering to user needs and accelerating EV adoption in India.

9) EVHotels

EVHotels streamlines trip planning for electric vehicle owners by providing access to a wide range of hotels worldwide with EV charging amenities. Its trip planning feature identifies charging stops, ensuring a stress-free travel experience, making it the perfect companion for electric vehicle enthusiasts while traveling.

10) ChargeGrid

ChargeGrid, developed by Magenta Power, stands as a preferred choice among EV owners for its robust features. It boasts India's largest network of fully automated charging stations, accessible via Map or List mode for real-time availability checks. The app, which is only available for Android, accepts several payment methods, including UPI, eWallet, and online banking.

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Make it easy to find the charging station with your efficient EV apps. To provide the best solution for EV charging facilities, hire dedicated app developers remotely for the easy creation of innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of EV enthusiasts.

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10May 2024

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