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Top 7 Auto Tech Trends to Look Forward in 2022 and Beyond


14 Mar 2022

As the world is expanding and moving forward with automation, the Automotive industry is no exception. It has advanced through the years and digital trends are revolutionizing the industry, and there is no doubt that it is going to stop in the near future. There are some automotive technology trends that are shaping in 2022 and beyond.

Let's Explore How The Digital Trends of Information Technology Can Enhance the Automotive Industry.

1) Expansion of Electric Vehicles

The expansion of electric vehicles is growing more than ever nowadays. as per the report of Gartner, 50% of the Top 10 Automotive OEMs to Design Their Own Chips by 2025. Auto tech leaders such as Tesla, Lion Electric, Electra Meccanica, GreenPower Motor Company and so on are ruling the EV cars world more than ever. 

The various circumstances such as rising fuel pricing minimized battery pricing, Low cost of ownership of zero-emission vehicles compared to their ICE counterparts are replacing the traditional vehicles narrowing the gap between EV vehicles and traditional vehicles. According to the reports, by 2030 EV cars and vehicles will outnumber the traditional ICE vehicles. Even with today's expansion, Robotaxi is no joke but tomorrow's vision.

2) Online Car Buying

The Covid-19 pandemic has normalized online buying more than ever. Consumers are ordering everything online whether it could be food, clothes or even electronic items such as Mobile phones. But even with the pandemic we never saw the upcoming change of ordering cars online. We have always had faith to visit the nearest dealer's office whenever we wanted to buy new or even old vehicles.

That buying model has been shifting towards traditional methods transforming with innovation. Nowadays many dealers have started online car delivery services as well. Many vehicle comparison tools provide all the required information about the vehicle they are interested in, users can complete all the paperwork online without actually visiting any showroom, the AR/VR technologies help users to take the virtual driving test and dealers can deliver the cars at the users' doorsteps. It makes the vehicle buying process more accurate and fast. Various automotive dealers are approaching the hybrid model as well where customers can complete the paperwork online and visit the store for a test drive or just to get the delivery of the vehicle.

3) Enhanced Vehicle Services

When we talk about the 4G and IoT, all we can think about is the mobile devices and faster net but this concept delivers more than our imagination. These technology trends are pillars of connected mobility. Connected mobility allows vehicles to communicate with each other bi-directionally to a wide range of systems beyond their local area network to generate and deliver digital data. Users can generate the enabled vehicle health reports and remote diagnostics, provide access to data-only telematics and Wi-Fi Hotspots, turn-by-turn directions, car health alerts, and unpretentious intervention to control breakdowns and in turn, prevent accidents.

You might be the best driver but that does not help you to predict the other driver's actions. The enhanced vehicle services of connected cars can predict that for you. A connected cars facility helps cars to communicate with each other to minimize your input. It can keep you and the drivers around you safe, preventing accidents. 
The enhanced Car services and facilities help the users to share the data such as live location, car speed, direction and even messages. It also informs the drivers about the safety alerts as and when required.

4) AI-enabled Self Driving Tech

As we are all aware, self-driving cars are not in the future, it's here in the present. The self-driving tech involves radar, sonar, and lidar, along with odometry measurements to witness environmental transitions and keep the speed safe. Driverless cars use AI-enabled self-driving tech and there are various automation levels. 
The higher the level, the more automation it demands. At the lower level, it still demands drivers' input for major tasks apart from braking and accelerating. But the higher level it approaches, the self-driving cars will perform all the driving tasks on their own through AI. Self-driving is efficiently improving automation by adopting every possible automotive technology trend.

5) Automotive Cybersecurity

Security is the top-most priority of any innovation. As the Automotive industry is expanding each and every day with more and more processed and unprocessed data, securing all this information has been a concern as well. Cybersecurity technology has been utilized to prevent data leaks and they also secure the system from hackers. It is not just as secure as it should be but every new automation trend integrated vehicle has cutting-edge cybersecurity features, in response to increased threat levels. 

6) Blockchain-Based Vehicles

You might be wondering how blockchain can be a part of the automotive industry. Blockchain plays a major role when it comes to sharing data securely. It enhances mobility services and connectivity for urban transport, ride-sharing and deliveries. Along with that, other businesses related to the automotive industry can leverage the blockchain as a supply chain. The self-driving cars can get traffic data updates through blockchain and blockchain can also initiate safe and secure payments starting from the delivery payment to tolls, insurance and car servicing as well.

7) Predictive Data Analytics and Models

Calculating the premiums for the insurance can be a headache. But implementing data analytics and predictive models can simplify all the calculations and help customers to save more. Along with that, predictive analytics can be used to monitor and analyze car behavior such as car speed. Data analytics and predictive analysis predict the driver and car's behavior to check the risk possibilities and address the safe habits. The insurance companies can calculate the insurance premium easily. Along with that, it helps the customers to get more discounts on premiums as the data analytics and prediction can tell the driver follows the road safety rules without contending in risky behavior.

As there will be accurate data that people can rely on, it can be easier for organizations to format the policy premiums. The auto insurance companies can get data analytics about the most traveled areas, chances of vehicles getting damaged or being in accidents and various other factors before setting up the premium amount.


All these technological trends are shaping the automation industry differently. You can leverage them for your business. No matter which industry you belong to, the information technology trends can enhance your business. Reach out to the Hyperlink InfoSystem team to know how you can increase your business with minimal effort.

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14Mar 2022

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