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Top Benefits of an IoT-based Smart Parking Management System


09 Dec 2022

As a result of two key trends—increasing urbanization and a rise in automobile ownership—secure parking spots are in increasingly high demand. The rising number of cars negatively impacts the drivers' parking satisfaction on the roads. Drivers that use the conventional parking system suffer significant losses in productivity, money, and time spent looking for parking spaces in heavily crowded locations. It aggravates motorists and increases overall travel time because of the increased road traffic. 

Therefore, it may be claimed that conventional parking systems are not equipped to provide drivers with a seamless parking experience while also lowering traffic generated by highway parking hunts. This underlines the need for using cutting-edge technology to modernize the urban transportation infrastructure and resolve the drivers' issues.

Densely populated cities need to implement a smart parking management system since the number of cars is growing incredibly. One report found that up to 2 billion additional vehicles will be on the road by 2035, resulting in even more crowded parking lots and highways. This demonstrates the need to integrate an IoT-based smart parking management system in every community.

Innovative and clever parking alternatives not only lessen traffic on the roadways but also save cars from being stranded because there is nowhere to park. The drivers may quickly locate available parking spots using real-time data shown on digital displays or mobile apps.

The top benefits of IoT-based smart parking management systems for drivers are discussed in the following article, along with how this ground-breaking solution resolves drivers' concerns with conventional automobile parking.

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Top Benefits of an IoT-based Smart Parking Management System

1) Using Less Fuel

As a result of technological advancements and human ingenuity, IoT-based parking system solutions not only make parking spaces easily accessible but also assist in saving vital resources like space, time, and gas. Drivers are directed directly to available parking spaces in metropolitan areas with integrated smart parking systems. This removes the need to travel farther distances in search of parking spaces. As a result, the IoT parking systems use less gasoline, saving drivers' costs and improving the overall parking experience.

2) Effective Use of Parking Spaces

Automated car parking planners may gather capacity data across all parking locations using the IoT platform, which comprises a network of linked sensors. Municipal communities may modify parking hours and meter prices using the data supplied by IoT networks in the decision-making process to distribute the parked automobiles evenly around the city.

3) Fresh Business Strategies

Innovative business models that can only be realized via technology are more feasible when you hire software developers to create more innovative parking. Examples include app-based payments, rewards programs, and flexible parking charges.

4) Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Smart IoT parking management also lowers automobile carbon emissions by reducing traffic and the movement of cars looking for space. The environmental impact of each motorist increases as they move from parking spot to parking spot. 

Every car owner spends around 17 hours annually looking for parking, consuming both time and fuel as well as contributing to overall urban traffic congestion. The additional search rate increases the carbon footprint emissions, but the search rate may be reduced with intelligent parking solutions. 

All fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and fossil fuels, emit carbon dioxide, which harms the planet. In addition to not directly affecting human life, the individual carbon footprint emission from cars also can contribute to global warming. The emission of individual ecological footprint, notably carbon dioxide, is eventually decreased when IoT-based parking systems are incorporated in urban cities. 

5) Better Regulation 

By alerting drivers about a no-parking area, IoT parking systems increase safety.

Using the data obtained, traffic law enforcement institutions will be able to develop an effective system for tracking parking violations. Connected systems will provide pertinent information about the locations with the largest concentration of infringements, the peak parking infraction times, and real-time notifications for drivers parking their cars in a no-parking zone.

6) Parking Stress Reduction

Most individuals stay away from the crowded areas of the city because they don't want to be caught in the parking woes that make drivers anxious and stressed. It isn't very pleasant to know that you'll spend a considerable amount of time looking for parking but still wind up leaving the vehicle in a spot that is quite far from the destination. 

Moreover, it is tiresome to circle the same block again in search of a parking spot. The goal of smart parking management systems is to relieve drivers' stress when they are parked. The divers may use parking apps to find out whether there are any parking spots around where they wish to go. This lessens the uncertainty and stress of locating a suitable parking place close to the target location.

7) Parking Space Monitoring in Real Time

It aids in streamlining and accelerating the parking procedure, reducing the amount of guesswork and unpredictability involved in seeking an open parking space while driving.

Additionally, IoT parking solutions aid in finding parking spots in unfamiliar cities and monitor availability in real-time to prevent drivers from wasting time driving around crowded parking lots.

8) Safety

Less space-seeking may lower accidents by ensuring that drivers pay attention and don't scan for open spaces or make sudden maneuvers.

9) Using Data-Focused Parking

By examining parking patterns at shopping centers, office buildings, airports, and other locations, you may anticipate the movement of automobiles. A linked parking management system is a missing component in the decision-making process that would give more insight and clarity to parking optimization. Smart marking systems can identify intricate seasonal trends and patterns by gathering real-time driving data daily.

Convinced? Create Your Own IoT Parking Management System

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09Dec 2022

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