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Best Photo Editing Apps (2023)

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06 Jan 2023

All aspiring photo enthusiasts have an obsession with editing their photos. The only way to catch attention is to have the right presets and filters that make the photo look attractive. With a shrinking attention span getting the best out of poorly clicked pictures can be difficult. This is the reason having the right editing app is crucial. 

About 50% of advisers from top app development companies  these days also are considering investing in such apps to capture the best customers online by attracting their attention. An increased rate of time spent on their app or promises an incensed profit rate. This is the reason for having the correct editing app.

In this article, we will read about the various editing apps for android as well as iOS. This will help you to get your photos to look more attractive which can increase your profits. So, without further ado, let us get into it!

Why choose a photo editing app?

The main reason to choose such an app is to increase the attractiveness of a picture. You can adjust the shadow and the lighting mistakes. Along with that helps to add a professional touch to your pictures.

Such apps also have a number of features which include cropping your picture, controlling the speed of the shutter of the camera, and adjusting the lighting. This can make your pictures appear as though they were clicked professionally. Hire app developers are also finding new ways to make these apps more functional and increase customer satisfaction. The most important part of using such an app is that most of them are free. There are a variety of features that you can choose from. So what is stopping you? Let us look at each of these apps in detail. It is suggested that you stick to one before jumping from one app to another frequently.

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Best Photo Editing Apps (2023)

1. Snapseed by Google

This is one of the top apps present in the market. The User Interface of this app is extremely simple and convenient for use. Even if you are not looking for a professional solution but just personal use, then too, this app delivers everything you need. The most essential part of this app is that the features add effects without making spreading the pixels. This app also has normal editing app features like cropping the pictures, adding simple filters, and changing the color saturation. 

Apart from that, this app gives you the liberty of creating your own filters. This is something that has been a big deal breaker as most of the apps offer this service at a very high price. The “save adjust” feature also ensures that you can crop out a required part of the picture without any hassle. Being a top app development company, Google delivers everything that a user can ask for. This app also autosaves your design which makes sure that you are not losing any data in case an internet connection is not available to the user. 


Remember the shell necklaces and big tumblers trending everywhere for a while? Yes, all credits to this app! VSCO is not just an editing app but also a community-based app where you can rate the pictures that you have created and want to share. It also has amazing editing tools which add a whole new perspective to your pictures.

The other reason it is so popular is that it is absolutely free to use, unlike some highly paid apps. What sets it apart from Instagram is that it does not have harsh filters which can make the photos appear to be edited. All the filters here are subtle and soft which enhances the quality of the images. The mobile app development company has also given you various options to edit the temperature and modify the skin tones by adjusting the hues in that picture. Plus, the community here is also very responsive!

3. Prisma Photo Editor

This not-so-popular app is surely an underdog in the field of editing. The app is available for both platforms which are iOS and android. It has won the app of the year award for 2016. What sets it apart from other apps is that it can make your apps look more “artsy”. You might have used apps to turn your pictures into paintings and got disappointed in the return. But not anymore! This app can help your photos to appear as though they were painted by famous painters like Van Gogh or Picasso. 

It uses artificial neural networks pattern to achieve this effect. This is an Artificial intelligence feature where a certain algorithm is run to create responses similar to that of the human brain. And the best part is that it is absolutely free to use! So, if you are looking for a new editing app, you should give it a try! 

4. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshopping means tuning a particular feature of the image to make it more attractive. Famous celebrities are using this too! No wonder they appear more attractive even without makeup! This app is available for both Android as well as iOS users. It is free to use which seems like a perfect deal with the number of advanced features it offers to the users. It is also used by top app development companies to get the best results for their Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also save your work to the adobe cloud so you do not lose any data. 


It is essential to have an editing software that can enhance the attractiveness of the picture. If you are a professional or an influence, this can help capture the attention span of your audience. This in turn can increase the engagement rate of your clients. An increased engagement rate is a promise for larger profits. Mobile app development companies are looking into new ways to increase the functionality of these apps. Being free to use, the demand for such apps is growing heavily day by day. It is worth a shot!

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06Jan 2023

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Harnil Oza is a CEO and founder of a leading app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem. He leads the efforts to identify and secure new business opportunities for the company, as well as develop and refine standard procedures for researching and tracking client information. With a pragmatic approach to learning and evolving with the latest trends and technologies, Harnil keeps the company ahead of the curve. Under his leadership, Hyperlink InfoSystem has achieved various milestones and follows a strategic roadmap to achieve digital success.

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