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How To Build An eCommerce App Like Amazon - A Complete Guide

App Development

24 Feb 2023

Amazon is the company that has the power to sell you everything, and they are one of the most successful companies in history. 

They have an app that allows them to be just as accessible on your phone as they are online. Amazon has a marketplace where third-party sellers can sell their goods. And with more than 300 million active users on Amazon, it's hard not to see why they want this to be the only way you buy anything from now on.

The Amazon marketplace has been a powerhouse for years and is only getting stronger as they expand into new sectors such as groceries. They already offer two-hour delivery on products you order through their Prime Now service but are looking to add an even faster option quite soon.

Amazon's mobile presence has been steadily growing since it launched its first Android app back in 2011. Apps mostly account for more than 40% of sales for retailers. This is one of the reasons why businesses want to collaborate with mobile app developers who are looking to jump on the opportunity and create their own apps

With all this information at our fingertips, it's easy to understand that apps are here to stay. So, why not learn from the best if you have a business and want to create an app?

In this article, we will discuss how even you can create an app like amazon.


  • Steps to build an app like amazon
  • Cost of building an app like amazon
  • Benefits of developing an app like amazon
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

So, without any further ado, let’s get this show on the road

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Steps to build an app like amazon

steps to build an app like amazon - hyperlink infosystem

a) Be very clear about your app development. 

This is an extremely important first step. Many people just take the idea of amazon but never understand what it takes to execute it.  This is why it is so important for you to do market research

“Want to Build an App Like Amazon? Know Your Audience First.”

A question that is often asked is how to build an app like Amazon. This can be a difficult task as the company has such a large and diverse customer base, but there are some key things you need to consider before trying your hand at it. 

The first thing to know about building an app like Amazon is who your target audience will be. You'll have more success with the project if you understand what customers you want to appeal to, so research them thoroughly and learn everything you can.

After determining who they are, marketers must focus on what these potential customers care about and how they can provide them with the best value possible.

Building apps can take time, patience, and hard work- but for it to be successful you must know your audience.

b) Give your app Amazon-like features.

Features are what separate good apps from great ones. And when it comes to amazon, their features are beyond amazing.

“Amazon App features Lets You Buy Anything, Anywhere.”

This app is the ultimate way to find and purchase items from your mobile device. Amazon has a list of features that make it possible for them to create an app like this. 

These include:  

- Ratings,  
- Push notifications,
- Reviews,
- List of payment options,
- Social media integration,
- a Wishlist, and Synchronization, 

But the best aspect of amazon is the fast and simple checkout process. 

Amazon also offers free shipping on items with no minimum order size or monthly fees, especially for loyal customers increasing repeat buy-in.

Your app should at least offer 50% of what the amazon app has on its features. A lot of what the amazon app has is due to the sheer amount of money that they are pouring into their app management. 

We get it, you might not have the same level of capital in your company, but you must make do with the best.

C) Use the amazon app’s template to create your app.

Templates are great because you can take from the best, and leave the rest. In this case, take what you can from amazon’s template and integrate it into your idea.

“Templates allow for most flexibility without missing out on functionality.”

What is a template? A template is a starting point for something. When you design an app, you will use the app as your base and add things on top of it. Templates are great because they offer a lot of flexibility- you just need to change what needs to be changed while keeping the structural framework that already exists.

Many apps have templates that can be copied and customized. 

For example, Amazon's system is focused on giving their customers as much flexibility as possible in designing their templates. If you are looking to create your amazon app, use a template because they offer great flexibility with just changing the base while keeping the structural framework of your app intact.

Because if we are being honest, the Amazon app has such a huge output of data that it becomes very difficult for anyone to create an app like Amazon from scratch. This is only possible if you hire the best app development company at your disposal. But that is a topic that we will discuss later in this article. 

d) Get ready to code the backend.

Coding in the backend is complicated, especially if you don't have a dedicated app development team. It is also the most important aspect of any app development cycle.

You Can't Have a Great App Without Backend Developers

You may have noticed that apps are becoming more complicated with each release. It's no wonder they take so long to develop. This is why it is best to hire qualified app developers during this stage of your project. 

Most startups and SMBs don't have enough resources or knowledge on their own to code an entire backend system for their product, which means they must know about app development.

App developers are a crucial part of any successful app development project. Without them, you can't have an excellent app. The backend is so complicated that it's difficult to do without specialized expertise and training in the field. 

Hire app developers to skyrocket your app development process”

It also has to be built with advanced programming languages like PHP or Java and use MySQL as its database engine. Hiring qualified app professionals will ensure your success when developing a back end for your application.

e) Focus on front-end development.

Once your backend development is complete, it is now time to focus on the front-end development of your app. As the name suggests, the front end is that aspect of your app that is visible to your app visitors.

You Can't Create an App Without the Front-End Development.

Your app may have been built in the backend and can easily handle your client's data requests, but what does it look like to the user? There are two types of front-end development: a website or an app. Websites allow you to put information on the internet that is visible to anyone who visits your site, while apps require installation before they will work on a mobile device. Both methods come with their own set of challenges. 

For our intents and purpose, we will focus on our apps' front-end development. 

It includes all graphical elements such as colors and buttons and defines how things should look when touched or clicked.
Now there are 3 main types of apps, majorly 

- Native app
- Web App
- Hybrid app

If we wish to develop an app like amazon then we have to focus on developing an app like amazon then your best bet has to be to focus on creating a hybrid app.

f) Get ready for feedback

This is going to be rough. It doesn’t matter if you have worked on this app completely alone or hired the best app developers in the world, first feedback always hurt. But they also act as a great way to find out what we left out. 

“Feedback during app development is supposed to hurt.”

A new app may be the best thing since sliced bread for a developer but that's not always the case for the customer. Feedback is an integral part of the app development process, and developers should make sure to listen to it before they release their product.

Feedback can help shape a project in many ways- by telling developers what customers want and how they use certain features.

Customers who give feedback will feel more involved with your product because they are shaping its future; this involvement also gives them an idea of what they can expect.

Feedback can come in different shapes and forms but nothing beats cold hard reviews. Developers should make an effort in taking time out of their day to read through these reviews so they know what needs improvement. It's also good practice to engage with your followers on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. 

And you know what, it doesn't hurt that feedback also boosts your marketing. 

App Developers should not ignore feedback because it will help them improve their product and get a better understanding of what people want in an app or game which is key in today's fast-paced world where everyone has different preferences.

Take the feedback for what it is and then improve upon what is lacking as per the needs of your target audience. 
It's not going to be easy, but it will be well worth it.

g) Optimize your app for the best results

This is the last part of your app development cycle. Apps too require SEO and keywords if they want to have a chance to stand in this tough market.

“Apps, just like websites need to be optimized” 

There are many things you can do for your apps such as using targeted keywords, building an audience through social media, and more!

Developers of apps are always looking for ways to get more traffic, downloads, and attention. It's hard work but not impossible. To make the process easier, app developers need to optimize their products too by focusing on search engine optimization (SEO) and keywords for success in this competitive market. 

The article will go into how you can use SEO and keywords in your development as well as what is required from a developer's perspective if they want to rank higher than other apps that have been developed before with a higher market share. 

In this tough market, apps need to have the right keywords and SEO optimization. This is a process that will take time and energy, but it is worth it for your business in the end.

People think that only websites need to be optimized, but that's not true. Apps too require optimization if they want to stand out from the competition in this competitive market.

With this out of the way, let us focus on the next topic in our article which is…

The Cost Of Building An App Like Amazon

Coming right out of the gate, to kickstart your amazon app copy can cost you anywhere between 50,000 dollars up to 300,000 dollars.

And mind you this is just to kick start the development process. 

We haven’t even begun to talk about the ongoing maintenance and optimization that many apps require. 

This is why we have provided you with different topics to help you understand the different costs of different apps.

Cost of App Development Based on The Complexity of The App.

The complexity of the app Approximate cost Duration of app development
Basic app {mvp} 40,000$-60,000$ 4 to 6 months
Average app with few features 50,000$-100,000$ 6 to 10 months
A complex app, with many features 100,000$-300,000$ Up to or more than a year

As you can see, the complexity of an app determines how much it will cost you during the app development.

This is on average the cost of hiring app developers, and it will be dependent on the complexity of the app.

Other factors that determine the cost of app development include:

a) Wireframing:

This is templating an app. Sometimes, if the app is going to be huge, something that the amazon app is, then wireframing will cost any.

b) UI of the app

UI/UX matters a lot from an app developer’s perspective. It is mostly controlled by both backend and front-end developers depending upon what type of app we are creating. 
Its cost can vary and is in the range of 5000$-20,000$

c) Development of the app

This is the biggest aspect of any app development phase. It’s in the name itself. Because this is where the bulk of the work is done, the cost can vary depending on how large your app is.

This is why is also the only factor in the entire app development phase that has the highest cost variation, ranging from 30,000$ to 100,000$.

d) Team size for app development.

This is a no-brainer. The larger your team size, the more money it will cost. This is one of the main reasons why many customers don’t want to hire a large team, but they take it backward.

By hiring dedicated developers from app development companies, they will save money in the long run. 

Hire dedicated app developers and see your growth today!”

Paying a dedicated team of hired app developers is worth the cost because they bring the biggest ROI to all your projects. 

e) App maintenance.

Remember when we informed you that just creating an app in itself isn’t enough? This is part of what we call “Ongoing cost”.
Depending upon the revenue of your app, ongoing app maintenance can be a drop in the bucket when compared to your profits. 

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This brings us to our next topic, which is…

Benefits of developing an app like Amazon.

You should invest in an app for your e-commerce business because of the many benefits.

Mobile website has been around since the 1990s, but they still have limitations when it comes to providing user experiences that are on par with apps. Apps can be tailored and designed specifically for specific audiences, while websites can't quite do this as effectively.

One reason is that apps convert better than mobile websites so you can expect higher conversion rates. Another reason is that average order values are typically higher when there's a corresponding app. You'll also build more customer loyalty and provide a better user experience with an app.

Finally, fewer shopping carts will be abandoned with an app, which means you'll get more orders in total and a greater chance to stand out.

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We hope you enjoyed our article. You are now on your way to creating an app like amazon. App development is always a tough process, which is why it’s best to take help from the best. This is the moment for you to compete against the big players in the e-commerce world.

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24Feb 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an app that functions the same way as Amazon is extremely difficult. It requires a dedicated team of developers to just kick-start the process.

When it comes to app development, the customers only see what’s in front of them. They want to experience faster results from your app, without compromising on any convenience, which is why it is so important for you to work on your app’s UI.

Depending upon your requirements, an app like amazon can take more than a year at least because it is extremely complex to create.

As Amazon is a very big app, it can cost anywhere above 300,000$

A hybrid app is the best bet to build an e-commerce business.

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