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How Great Web Design Can Boost Your Traffic and Sales

Web Design

28 Feb 2023

Sales are the foundation of any business. But have you ever wondered how web design can improve sales?

Yes, web designs do hold the power to completely transform your sales rates if used correctly. This article aims to highlight the importance of the correct web design for your business and how you can improve it. So, without further ado, let us get into it!

When any customer visits your site, there are certain things that can make or break the deal. But what are these? The answer to that is how you present your products. There are certain precautions you need to take in order to ensure that the customer is getting what they require.

Sometimes various existing websites with higher click rates also fail to make a high conversion rate. Can you guess why? This is because of the design of the website.

Let us take two scenarios. You want to buy a skincare product and there are two websites that are selling the same product. But the first one offers detailed reviews, the correct ingredient list and the highlight of the price, and clear delivery dates while the second website fails to meet the quality inspections of the product by just displaying the price. Will you still decide to buy something from such a site that does not appear to be reliable at all? Of course, no one would!

Understood how important your user interface is to get high-profit rates? Web development companies spend a lot of time on the product to ensure that the customer satisfaction rate is high for website development. But along with this, there are other factors like the loading time and the navigation of the website that make it apt for your business. Let us look into all of this in detail. 

According to studies conducted by Forrester, every dollar invested in User Interface earns the return of a hundred dollars! This is due to the reason that CRO also known as the conversion rate is the right way to approach the sales tactics of every web development company. Along with this, other records have shown that about 95% of users are not actually visiting the site to buy anything. Unless there are genuinely effective pipelines created to attract customers, sales can be a difficult aspect to tackle. For this reason, people hire web developers who are well-experienced.

How SEO can save you

SEO means search engine optimization. The keywords that you use and the relevant information that you put on your website are the keys to getting displayed at the top of the search results. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are including the relevant information and that your site is easy to navigate. 

Studies have shown that after the pandemic an average household orders their groceries online at least once a week instead of preferring to shop offline. 42% of the clients preferred to switch to this kind of shopping when it came to making a choice. This change is becoming mandatory after the pandemic and web development companies are taking advantage of this.

The average Google searches are 40,000 per second and this is a huge number that you can take advantage of. Without the right marketing and SEO strategy you will fail to reach out to as many clients as possible which might lead to a waste of time as well as capital. To avoid this from happening you need to check off the SEO list so that the reach of your website increases rapidly. The list below gives an outlook of what they are. The list is as follows:

  • Ensuring that your site is structured extremely well and is well presented. The architecture of the website is the key to making the customers stay for a longer period of time. 
  • Almost all users these days prefer to operate websites on their smartphones. Hence, it is necessary that you make your website mobile friendly. If the adaptability of the website is low, you are nearly missing out on 85% of your customer base within the passing of every second. 
  • The usability of the app must be high. This includes every widget present on the website. If there is something that is necessary you can always discard it. You can also hire PHP developers to enhance the usability of the source code. 
  • The entire site must be easy to read. You must take into consideration the lesser privileges category of people that will visit your website. This also includes the point that you should choose the font and the color of the letters in such a way that they become easy to read for the customers. 
  • The images that you use are also the core of success for any web design strategy. If the images are placed correctly, it can make sure to increase the profits of the company by assuring that the customer invests trust in you. Visual cues are something that takes the website a step higher than any average website without it. 
  • Response time is something that is to be considered in website development. If the site crashes a lot and has a high reaction rate, then the customers will log off it. No one likes to wait while browsing a website. After all, a personalized shopping experience is a primary reason that people prefer to invest in so dearly.  
  • The conversion rate of the website should be high. This includes placing the pipelines and funnel marketing strategy at the right places to get the clients hooked to buy the services or products that you offer. Just having a website that provides no source of income is just wasting your time, money, and efforts blindly. This should be avoided by making the right marketing tactics useful.
  • It is true that all these SEO tips tend to increase your appearance rate on the search engine and help you to get recognized better. But, along with this, what determines the profit is the conversion rate. 

So, let us now look into what conversion rates are and how you can benefit from them. Keep on reading to find out more!

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Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

As discussed earlier, having a good SEO rate helps to generate a lot of organic traffic. But what after it? If your site has a high interaction rate but fails to make your clients stay, then you might be in trouble. Conversions are the key to success and this does not include a purchase every time the client visits your website. 

For explaining this better for a B2B company, this might include the factor of scheduling appointments with the sales managers. The CRO includes the number of clients that will or are converted into potential clients. This is the primary step to analyze how your company might perform in the days to come. A highly qualified website is certain to give more profits while others need the help of a web development company. 

The main purpose of CRO is to make sure that functionalities that are included within the web development phase are enough to convert the clients into potential customers and help market the products better for the company. 

How do CRO-oriented websites perform better?

The basic understanding that you need to keep in mind when working with User Interface is that you can lose out on your potential clients if you do not choose to invest correctly in the design and analysis of the website. A lot of web development companies hence lay a lot of emphasis on this subject that the theme and fonts on your website should be apt for the products and services that you wish to offer. In general, if your user interface is not up to the mark or functional customers will log out of it. 

The list below gives a checkpoint of all the things that you should tick off to get the best user satisfaction for your website. It is as follows:

1) The Design of The Website

The first impression is the last impression and this is true when it comes to your website too. Everything that you decide to implement on your website can make or break the deal. If your website fails to impress the client within the first few seconds, chances are that this impression might last forever. This is the reason you should hire web developers who are able to deliver what your clients require. A study conducted in 2004 has proven that the first and foremost reason to miss clients is faulty user interfaces. Apart from this, a well designed website has the following things included:

  • An interesting user interface that is able to attract the attention of the user 
  • The images used on the website should be of higher quality and pixelated or late loading images should be discarded
  • The flow of data should be consistent to avoid sensory overload for the client
  • The fonts used should be easy to read
  • Avoid using an architecture that is too complex to navigate for the user as the main goal is marketing not displaying your coding skills
  • Colors used should be in sync with the brand, and color palettes should be apt and not too bold for the customers 

2) The process of navigation

Navigation is another factor that makes sure that the customers actually invest their time in your website. Many businesses make the mistake of not choosing the right navigation points. Due to the lack of the right elements and information, customers find it difficult to search for the product that they want to buy. The theory of Job To Be Done should be used to the benefit of the web development process in order to make products that are best suited for the clients. Including small things like a navigation bar that simply puts forth a list of all products that your website has can make a lot of difference to increase the user experience of your website.

When your customers decide to visit your site, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill. The website should provide answers to these solutions. The list below gives a checkpoint of the things that you should add or avoid. It is as follows:

  • The correct anchor points to hook your users to your site
  • The interlinking of the website should be seamless so that you can create a funnel to market your services or products more easily
  • The footer is the most crucial as it can include your contact details and help navigate the user to the main page if they fail to find anything else. 
  • The main mistake that most companies make is avoiding difficult widgets that increase the complexity of the site. This might be a win-win situation for the tech junkies but the usual crowd would find it to be a problem
  • If you have a huge website and several pages without any functionality this might end up confusing the user instead of providing the correct solution to their necessities. This is something that is highly not recommended.
  • If your website takes too long to load, you might be in trouble. As we all know time is money. If your clients face the issue of late feedback from the servers, chances are that they might just close the app and switch to other websites that offer the same solution to their needs.

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Tips for better CRO optimization with the right web design

After gaining knowledge about what CRO is and what components add up to high CRO rates, let us look into ways you can implement them to gain the maximum benefits. The list below gives you the details. It is as follows:

1) The CTA or call to action of your website should be power packed. The buttons used in the website should be eye-catching and help to market the products in such a way that the customers get more motivated to buy your products. It should help create a line to get customers to buy into the marketing scheme

2) You should not sleep on the power of contact forms. This can include anything from feedback to reviews or job postings that your company might offer. It is a simple and formal way to gain insight into the details of your loyal customer base. Ask your web app development company to link this form to a strong database where you can store and retrieve data easily. You also can use cloud storage to your benefit to avoid the consumption of excess space on your working personal computer. 

3) The homepage is something that lays the first impression of your client. When you are designing your homepage try including relevant information that makes you appear more trustworthy online. This can include reviews of your previous customers, things that set you apart from other brands, and ratings of the services that you have to offer. The customers judge you based on your homepage before navigating to other parts of your website. The 2.9 initial seconds are the main step to make the customer interact more with your website and enquire more about you and your company. 

4) As mentioned earlier almost 95% of the clients choose to operate a certain website through their phone. In that case, you need to look out for how well your website performs in terms of mobile responsiveness. As the attention span of people using phones is quite less due to notifications and other distractions, a slow-loading page might be the primary reason for them to switch to other websites and you might lose out on your potential clients. Also, make sure you do not face server-down issues when a large crowd decides to visit your website. This is a sign of severe unprofessionalism that any business should avoid. 

5) Updating and testing websites are a huge part of the maintenance of the website. Just as an operating system launches new functions and performs better with each update, the same applies to your websites. Yes, websites are low maintenance but this does not mean that you invest in development once and then never look into its betterment. Old and crusty websites are customer repellent. Make sure that you keep testing your website for any glitches or malfunctions that can occur during its operation. Also, try to add more functionality and efficiency within the website when you are updating and testing it.

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After the pandemic, all companies are preferring to switch to digital marketing to enlarge their customer base. This is where a website comes into the picture. A website is like an online store of the company. They are rapidly approaching top web development companies to come up with the most effective solutions to increase profit rates and this has proven to be a high success. There are important factors that one might look into during choosing the design of the website to help it perform better. This includes the navigation of the website and the loading time of it that can make costumes happier.

28Feb 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is an optimization approach for a search engine, it is the way content is structured that makes the difference. This makes sure that your product reaches as many customers as possible when they use the internet to access the internet for any query that they might be facing. It helps you to get noticed.

The main step is to involve your keywords and then make sure that you include relevant information in a unique way. The structure of the information is crucial. Sometimes you can have the right information but improper formatting can lead to not appearing on the top of the search list.

Yes, a more navigable website has been shown to increase the profit rates of a company. The website that is easy to navigate helps the user to gain a better experience. No one would like to spend hours trying to find a single product online.

It should have the right themes, fonts, and colors and should be easily navigable. You can also localize it for user comfort. All the aesthetics of the website should be in sync with the products that are being marketed. Otherwise they would lack the depth to create an impact.

It is the percentage of clients that you are able to persuade to invest in your products or services. This depends on the way you advertise your products so that the clients will be more attracted to it. The best way is to create a pipeline through which you can put forth a number of products and services that you have to offer.

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