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How To Know If An App Idea Is Good Or Not

App Development

18 Oct 2021

Have you had an idea for a mobile application? You are sure that the idea is a good one and that it can work very well. Anyway, are you really that sure about it? Would you be willing to invest your time or your money? How can you tell if an idea is good or not?

Launching a mobile application is something that requires a considerable amount of time, money, or both. It is not something that we can do overnight like someone trying to make a new cooking recipe to see if it turns out right or wrong. Hence the importance of knowing if an idea for an app is really good or not.

Day after day, there are more mobile applications available and therefore the competition is greater. It is true that app revenues increase year after year but also the number of apps is greater. 

We do not only have to consider that there are more and more applications on the market. Another point that we must know is that not all applications work in the same way or have the same download number and income. In fact, the distribution is very uneven.

About 25% of apps are only used once. This means that many apps are downloaded by users but are only used once and then uninstalled, which is far from a good thing. All this makes us see the importance of validating our idea before investing our time and money. 

Why it is important to know if an idea is good or not

As we have seen in the previous introduction, there is one main reason to validate our idea as soon as possible: to decide if it is worth investing our time and money in it.

Developing a mobile application and pushing the idea forward is not a simple thing. It is not only the pure programming of the application that will require time, effort and money. We also have to consider other tasks such as the promotion and marketing of the idea and the management of the project itself, the community, the users and so on.

Behind every successful application, there is much more work than the pure technical development of the project. We could even say that scheduling is perhaps only half the effort or even less depending on the project.

Therefore, knowing if an idea is good or not is vital before moving forward with it. Here are the things to consider to determine if your idea is good.

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• Know if there is an audience for our idea
The first thing we would have to find out is whether there is an audience for our idea. Let's imagine that we want to create an application to put people who have dogs in contact with other people who are willing to walk them for an amount of money. In our hypothetical case, we would have to make sure that there are enough people with dogs in the area that we are interested in. 

Assuming that we are going to launch our application only in a specific country, we would have to make sure that there are enough people with dogs in this country.

• Find out if there is a real interest in your idea
That there is a target audience for our idea does not mean that they can really be interested in our app. It is important to know if these people really may need the solution that we want to provide to a hypothetical problem.

In our case, we are assuming that people who have a dog may not have enough time to walk it and that, therefore, they may be interested in finding someone to walk it for them from time to time.

We have different ways to find out if our target audience might really be interested in our idea.

Perhaps the most direct and real way is to directly ask these people through surveys. The important thing here is knowing who to ask and how to ask.

We should avoid asking family and friends as they may not give us real and honest feedback. After all, given the relationship we have with them, they may not want to hurt our feelings and tell us that it is not a good idea. We have to go directly to potential clients with whom we do not have such a direct relationship.

The way you ask is also important. A question like: would you like to have an app that gives you the opportunity to find people who can walk your dog when you don't have time? It may not be the best way to ask. After all, it is a question that is answered with a yes or no.

It is better to ask in a more open way. In a way that, it does not influence the response of the person and that can lead to more interesting answers that can give us more information.

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• Find out if our target audience is willing to pay for it
Well, assuming we've gotten to this point through all of the above, we already know that there is an audience for our idea and that they are interested in our solution. Anyway, to know if our idea is really good or not, we must make sure of something very important: are people interested in paying for our solution?
This is surely the most complicated point but also one of the most important for any mobile application. It is very possible that there are people interested in our idea but we also have to bear in mind that many of them will not be willing to pay for it. 

Many people will find our idea great and would use it if it were free. Now, the moment we raise the possibility of paying for it, there will be many who will back down.

To make sure that our idea is viable, we have to know if people are willing to pay for it. After all, if we don't find a way to earn income, it won't be sustainable.

At this point, we have to ask directly if it would be okay for them to pay a certain amount of money for our solution. Once again, one possibility would be to ask our target audience through surveys.


Turning an idea into a real application is a complex process that requires a significant investment of effort, time and money. That is why it is vital to know if the idea for our app is really good or not. The more feedback and more opinions we get, the better. The key is to find out if there is an audience for our idea, if they are really interested in our solution and finally know if they are willing to pay for it. Once we have compiled all these opinions, and as long as the result has been good, we can start to carry out our idea with greater confidence.

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18Oct 2021

Harnil Oza

Harnil Oza is a CEO and founder of a leading app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem. He leads the efforts to identify and secure new business opportunities for the company, as well as develop and refine standard procedures for researching and tracking client information. With a pragmatic approach to learning and evolving with the latest trends and technologies, Harnil keeps the company ahead of the curve. Under his leadership, Hyperlink InfoSystem has achieved various milestones and follows a strategic roadmap to achieve digital success.

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