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Top 8 Photo Editing Apps For Android And iOS


23 Nov 2021

Table of content

• Introduction
• What should an image editing app bring with it?
• Top photo editing apps for Android and iOS:
• Conclusion


There are apps for image editing so that the photo becomes an absolute highlight. This allows you to set details such as brightness, contrast or sharpness on the smartphone and ideally ensure more expression with pretty filters. But which apps are really suitable for image editing and are there differences for iOS and Android users? We started looking for the best and free apps for photo editing.

What should an image editing app bring with it?

An app for image editing should first and foremost offer the opportunity to individually adjust photos that have already been taken. A program that can control the sharpness, brightness or shading of an image is suitable for this. In addition, most photo editing apps offer various filters and effects that create more buzz.

Neon filters or retro filters can be placed over selfies and the like and photos can be made even more unique. More and more popular: stickers, emojis and sayings that can be added to pictures afterwards. This can be used to quickly transform a simple group photo into a greeting card or turn a serious family photo into a funny souvenir. Many photo editing apps also offer frames or collage creation.

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Top photo editing apps for Android and iOS:

#1. Adobe-Lightroom

This app for image editing offers all correction features that can also be used in the desktop version. For those who already work with Lightroom, it doesn't take much getting used to. And: the images can be transferred to the desktop version. The app also has the advantage that photos can be taken in JPG, DNG and HDR.

#2. Adobe Photoshop Express

The Photoshop app also comes from Adobe and offers a wide range of functions for retouching and editing. It has a similar structure to the desktop version and there is also the option of uploading images to the cloud. Texts can also be inserted and images can be processed into collages.

#3. Fotor

Similar to Photoshop Express, Fotor is widely known and loved.  The program is very reminiscent of Photoshop Express and can be used quickly by laypeople.

Especially those who hardly have time and want a perfect Instagram picture in a few minutes have many options with Fotor: Photos can be automatically improved, individually adjusted or rotated and cut. It is even possible to distort or change the structure. In addition, the app offers great effects for image editing.

Different filters can be used and texts and stickers can be inserted. With Fotor, collages can be made and pictures taken directly with the smartphone camera. This saves you having to upload the individual images. A free app that is worthwhile for everyone. If you want more, you can purchase special filters and stickers for a fee. Seasonal sayings for Christmas and Easter are particularly popular.

#4. VSCO

The free version of the VSCO app offers 10 pre-set filters and editing tools for contrast, saturation, grain and other aspects. Images in raw format can also be edited. The paid version (subscription model) then offers over 200 pre-sets. In addition, the pictures can be shared directly on your own profile and you can look at the photos of others - image processing including photo community. 

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If rows of houses or walls in narrow alleys are photographed, falling lines can hardly be avoided. The SKRWT app is particularly suitable for editing architectural images. It offers perspective and lens correction that is easy to use. By moving a slider, horizontal and vertical distortions can be compensated for.

#6. PhotoDirector - Editing a photo

The PhotoDirector app offers many creative possibilities. Images can be edited, optimized and even animated here. In addition to the classic image processing tools, the app also offers functions such as object removal and the face shaper. In addition, "AI-supported" tools enable a simple replacement of the sky or the automatic recognition and cutting of objects. 

#7. Lightleap from Lightricks

There are various apps from Lightricks, especially for iPhones and also for Android. With Lightleap, photos can be edited in a particularly creative way: swap the sky, add effects, use filters and looks, add text and classic editing functions from grain to vignette. 

#8. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editor developed by Google with various functions. It offers 27 tools and filters with which JPG and DNG files can be edited - for example the functions contrast, saturation, brush or perspective. You can also save your own looks and apply them later to new photos.
Snapseed provides all the important basic functions for image processing at an extremely high level. The photo editing app can be used completely free of charge on all iOS and Android devices and offers a wide range of options.

The app has the option of editing photos from the smartphone directly with just one finger. The innovative operation guarantees precise processing with a swipe of the finger up, down, right or left.

The app for image editing is easy to control even on small screens and skilfully guides you through the system. 


If you only want to edit the basics of your photos and adjust the contrast or make the picture brighter, you don't necessarily have to use apps. The in-house functions of "Photos" on Apple or "Google Photos" on Android help a lot when editing photos.
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23Nov 2021

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