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How Much Does a Dating App Development Like Tinder Can Cost?

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30 Mar 2022

Gone are the days when we used to find the dates and partners through the "refer a friend policy". Online dating mobile applications like Tinder and Bumble have changed the traditional dating norms. The global dating app revenue was $1 billion in 2015, which reached $5.61 billion in 2021 and is expected to cross that in 2022. Along with helping the users find their dates, online dating apps also help the app owners to earn more than ever.

According to the reports, the active online dating app users were more than 320 million in 2021 globally. The dating app development can help you earn through various sources such as significant app downloads, in-app purchases, premium memberships, advertisements, and other features. Now that you know that the development of dating apps like Tinder can help you earn more, you should invest a bit in it. But the cost to develop a dating app like Tinder depends on various factors such as the type of dating app, features of the app, and various others. Let's first focus on the types of dating apps available in the market that can help you earn.

Types of Dating Apps

1) Geographic Location Based:

The dating app allows users to connect and find partners based on their location using geo locations. It shows how far their matches are. Dating apps like bumble and Tinder fall under this category.

2) Preferences Based:

These types of dating apps ask users various kinds of questions. And it finds the partners for the users based on their answers and AI/ML algorithms. OkCupid, the eHarmony dating app, falls under this category.

3) Niche Based:

These types of mobile applications are for specific groups only. It allows users from specific groups only, allow the users to connect with each other only from that specific group. So, not everyone can access this type of dating mobile app. A mobile application like Bristlr falls under this category.


If you know what kind of dating app you want to develop, you should check which operating system you want to develop. It helps you decide whether you should reach out to an android app development company or ios app development company after finalizing the list of features and functionalities you should have in your dating mobile app.

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Must-Have Features of Dating Mobile App

The answer to how much it costs to develop a bumble app depends on the features of the dating mobile app. We have listed some of the basic features and functionalities that you can ask your android app development company in Canada to include in your dating mobile app.

  • Signup / Login Functionalities

The signup or the login functionalities are the must-have for any dating mobile application. You can provide social media integration for signup functionalities that can collect all the necessary data through users' social media channels like Facebook, Gmail, and so on. It saves all the form-filling processes for the users and provides all the accurate data for the further process.

  • User Profile

It should be mandatory for all dating app users. It should allow users to add personal details such as profile name, bio, interests, photos, etc. That allows other users to know a bit about the users before connecting them.

  • Location

If you want to develop a mobile app like Tinder, this is a must-have feature. You should get the users' accurate location through geolocation and allow other nearby users to reach out and connect with them. Apart from that, you can even allow the users to add their location manually and show the nearby users as per their preferences. 

  • Partner Preferences

The dating app should allow users to select their partner preferences based on gender, interest, location, subscription, and so on. That allows users to find and connect with the same kind of users only.

  • Connect

This is the feature that sets your mobile app as a dating app. It should allow users to connect with other users to view their profile details. They should be able to connect with the users if they like the user profile or should be able to skip the profile and move on to explore the other profiles. 

  • Matchmaking

The users should be able to reach out to each other only if both of them like each other's profiles and want to connect. It provides security to the users as no one can randomly text the other user without a mutual connection. 

  • Real-time Chatting Functionalities

The users can chat with each other through in-app chatting functionalities. The private chat features should be available after a mutual connection only. The users should be able to send texts, emojis, stickers, and GIFs. You can allow in-app voice and video calling functionalities for premium members only.

  • Push Notifications

You can add the push notification functionality to help the users visit the app frequently. You can send the promotional notification as well as the connection request, message notification, profile view notification, and so on that help users interact more with your mobile application.


All these features are a must-have for any kind of dating mobile application. But these are not just the only features; you can add various other features that can make your app unique and encourage the users to use your dating mobile app. Even though we can provide accurate costing, we can give you the estimated development time and cost for the dating mobile app. 

How Much Does Tinder Cost?

The app development time frame and cost include various development phases from the planning to QA testing, after-sale support, and everything in between. Any iOS app development company in Canada can finally take around 2000-2500 hours to present the ready-to-market dating mobile app.

  • Project management - 200h
  • Business analysis - 24h
  • App design- 160h
  • Frontend development - 960h
  • Backend development - 960h

Based on these listed hours, the cost to develop a tinder-like app can fall anywhere between $60,000 to $2,00,000, including every development aspect.


The figures mentioned above can vary based on your requirements, app development complexity, and other things. To get an accurate dating app development cost, you should reach out to the app development company Canada with the accurate list of features you will need in your mobile app. They can give you accurate project development costs and time. 

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30Mar 2022

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