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How Metaverse is Shaping the Healthcare Industry


24 Mar 2022

The Healthcare sector has been growing more and more ever since 1975. According to the CIHI reports, Total health spending in Canada has crossed $308 billion in 2021 or $8,019 per Canadian. The total healthcare spending in 2000 was $100 billion which reached $200 billion in 2011 and it crossed $308 billion in 2021 or we can say on an average $8,019 per Canadian.

How Metaverse is Shaping the Healthcare Industry

With the innovation of technology, the healthcare sector is transforming as well. The innovation of artificial intelligence is facilitating surgical rooms and operations. The mental health experts are leveraging augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or MR (mixed reality) innovation to treat their patients better. Even medical schools are leveraging today's innovation for education purposes. Fitness trackers such as Google Fit and Apple Health are also leveraging the innovation to generate accurate health analytics for the users. Just as all those technological innovations Metaverse is also all set to transform the healthcare industry as well.

Metaverse in healthcare can enhance medical treatments helping healthcare professionals in various areas just as it is enhancing the e-commerce industry. At least not now but in the near future Metaverse in healthcare industry can take the charge of frontline healthcare workers helping them to save lives without putting themselves in danger.

Some of The Healthcare Sectors are All Set to Gain Metaverse Dominance.

1) Surgical Operations

Medical experts around the globe are using augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and various other technologies in the surgical rooms to perform complicated surgeries. They leverage the 3D technology to view the patient's body that can help them to plan and perform the surgeries. 

Along with the surgeries, the med schools are also using AR, VR simulations to provide efficient, safe and measurable medical lessons in real-time. Even though AR, VR also comes with limitations and those limitations affect the surgeries leaving no choice but to go forward with the traditional approach for the surgeons. AR VR can not fulfill the void for computer-generated space or interaction representation of items, sending signals for complex events during the surgeries and various others. 

Metaverse can do wonders over here. Metaverse in healthcare industry can offer computer-generated space and realistic interactions as well. Along with that Metaverse can also enhance the communication between doctors and patients as well as Metaverse can help the doctors to explain surgical operations to patients, along with complications providing a realistic approach. Along with that, Metaverse can provide results with better resolutions and computer specifications which has always been the limitation for the VR based devices and systems.

2) Mental health

Mental health is one of the sectors that can adopt the Metaverse in healthcare earlier than other sectors. Metaverse is helping the experts to treat TSD, anxiety disorders, hallucinations, delusions patients. Along with that it also helps the medical experts to revolutionize mental health treatment procedures to cure the obsession with virtual realities, treating people with serious psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety mental disorders.

Along with that, technological innovations are spreading awareness and encouraging people around the globe to ask for support from their loved ones, friends, family members and even health experts for their mental breakdowns. Various companies around the globe have started offering metaverse based mental wellness programs allowing employees to focus on their mental health as much as their physical health.

The anxiety doctor, Dr Lisa Cortez launched an NFT collection named Moody minks in February 2022. The motive behind launching this NFT is to create awareness about Mental health. Moody Minks will be the META-tation center that will allow the NFT holders to communicate with Dr. Lisa Cortez, play various games, attend seminars, visit art galleries on the Metaverse platform. 

The interactive nature of Metaverse enhances the services of real-time online therapy for disabled people and even helps people to deal with their habits, anxiety, phobias, addictions, eating disorders, psychosis and various others.

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3) Medical Schooling and Training

Metaverse in healthcare is transforming the traditional medical education methods. Various medical schools and training centers are leveraging augmented reality and various other trending technologies to analyze the anatomy of a human body in a laboratory setting rather than dealing with actual bodies even if they are not sure if they can or not.

Metaverse in healthcare industry offers a new ecosystem where they can interact with each other, the independence to create and share various experiences on highly immersive platforms. Metaverse also deals with real-world challenges such as privacy impingement, maladaptation to the students, commission of crimes and various others that along with enhancing the medical processes also help students to bring positive outcomes in the real world.

Health experts can simulate the surgical experiences and procedures to train the doctors and medical supervisors through the Metaverse platform. The medical teachers can leverage trending technologies such as AR, VR, AI, ML, Metaverse to develop a virtual learning space for the students, execute projects, solve problems and enhance the creativity of the students. It might take a few years if the Medical field will transform its education structure based on Metaverse won't be surprising.

4) Quality of Life Enhancement

You might find it amusing but the health sector is using gamification technology to treat patients and they have shown positive outcomes. The gamification based mobile apps provide accurate user-health reports. The digital trackers are using AI, ML technologies to generate health reports and guide users so they can focus on their health and improve it. Medical experts are using AR and VR technologies to improve the lives of dementia patients. The AR and VR based assistance provides virtual guidance for the training sessions. The Metaverse based platform can provide a virtual gym experience to the users as well.

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5) Radiology

Radiology is one of the sectors of the healthcare industry which is going to adapt the Metaverse concept accurately and quickly. Metaverse will help to generate immersive greater image visual capabilities, release the new dimension of the radiology to view dynamic images with immersive details to deliver a better report for diagnosis of disease/injury. Along with that Metaverse will provide a platform for physicians to develop better medical reports in a 3D format to provide an accurate diagnosis.


Even though Metaverse has just started, there is no doubt in saying that it will surely change our lives in the upcoming decades. So, without missing out on this amazing technology, reach out to Metaverse developers and have your business presence on a virtual platform to stand ahead of your competition. While thinking about that, do you have a healthcare mobile app? if you have one do have all the necessary mobile app features or you are missing out on any?

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24Mar 2022

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