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DevOps vs. Agile Methodology: Key Differences and Similarities


22 Mar 2022

Being in the IT industry you might be aware of DevOps and Agile, how trendy they are and even what type of relationship between agile and DevOps have. They have this love and hate relationship that both focus on enhancing the business process. But if you are not much aware of that, let us define what DevOps and Agile are, the differences between Agile and DevOps and after that what similarities they have.

Agile Development Approach

The agile development approach focuses on the characteristics and norms of iterative development. Agile development works on cross-functional groups that can help to achieve required solutions. It considers various perspectives in a single approach. Agile development combines various business processes such as communication about the potential clients, working processes through device and function along working on the updates in the designed plans. There are so many ways on how you can work on things such as scrumban, scrum or Kanban and so on. 

DevOps Development Approach

As we can see DevOps is made up of words to reflect the development and operation working together. Just the same as Agile, There are so many ways on how you can work on DevOps such as scrumban, scrum or Kanban and so on. DevOps specifically work to enhance the work culture and improve skills to smoothen out the business processes.

Even though they both work to enhance the business processes, There are various things that they have particular for their own. Let's explore them.

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DevOps vs agile: Key Differences

1) Methodology & Deployment

Agile is a methodology, the kind of process that centers around creating and launching the software. Whereas DevOps never interfere in the development process as it has its own pre-built reliable software that one can deploy whenever they want. DevOps developers can use the waterfall method to develop the software.

2) Required Team Members

Even a small team can go ahead and develop the software with Agile methodology. You will not need an extensive team of experts that should be there to develop software. When it comes to DevOps you will need development as well as operational teams to work on your project requirements together. Each and every team involved throughout the development process should have to work collaboratively with the deployment team to move ahead with the development process even though DevOps has no association with the deployment model.

3) Cross-Functionality Vs. Segmentation

The primary difference that both of them have is how the team works following Agile and DevOps methodology. Agile Methodology demands an all-rounder to work on the development process. Every individual working on the Agile methodology should have to be skilled, efficient to deliver all the required work that improves communication between the teams and even with the clients without damaging the development quality and the speed of it. When it comes to DevOps all it demands is close communication between the development and operational team of experts. It can help to bring the best in class results with the help of experts and top-notch results.

4) The Planning Approach

The planning Approach of Agile Methodology and DevOps methodology are way different from each other. In Agile Methodology, the developers need to update the process releasing the new versions at the regular time intermission. These updates are known as Sprints. Every Sprint seeks the users' feedback to improvise and the next Sprints should implement the functionalities including the feedback.

On the other side, DevOps will either release the updates when it is available to view and deploy or you can deploy them as and when the business demands. They do not have to wait for the users' feedback which results in saving a lot of time and getting the maximum business operation outcomes.

5) Documentation and Interaction

Agile development is well known to handle complex and difficult processes because most of the time it employs the Scrum methodology. Scrum methodology is perfect to handle the complex working process of building the software. With the help of Agile methodology, teams can enhance the communication process between teams by arranging regular meetings to get a brief outline of the progress. It solves the error before it happens and allows the higher authority to assign and overlook the entire development process easily.

DevOps works based on the teams allowing different groups to focus on proper documentation. The documentation works as the bridge between development and operational teams in DevOps. The operational team handles the deployment of the software with intensive and updated skills. The operational team might allow a few users to test the updates and share their feedback and report back the documentation of the feedback that the development team should address.

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The Similarities

Even though there are so many differences there are some similarities that keep DevOps with Agile in the same boat. Let us list the similarities between DevOps and Agile Methodology.

1) The End Goal is Business Productivity

Even though Agile and DevOps take different roads they both serve the same end goal to enhance business productivity. They go hand in hand to develop a reliable development approach where Agile pushes DevOps to work quicker, DevOps forces Agile to be more extraordinary than ever.

2) Taking on the Lean Philosophies

Both Agile and DevOps have generally embraced and executed the lean way of thinking in broad sums. This is perceptible explicitly when it comes to communication.

3) The Collaboration Process

Both Agile and DevOps help teams to collaborate and communicate efficiently, making the development process more flawless. Both of them demand the working teams to share the development progress reports that can encounter any errors as early as possible.


We have listed all the necessary differences and similarities of the DevOps and Agile methodologies. But don't become confused and believe that both Agile and DevOps are equivalents of one another. No, they aren't, notwithstanding, they might have several similarities, however, yes both are mostly known for their differences. If you are still confused about which one can be the best suitable for your business process, reach out to Hyperlink experts for the consultation.

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22Mar 2022

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