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How To Hire Dedicated NodeJS Developers?

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04 Jul 2022

Whenever any web app development project demands come in, the first thing any web developers think about is to find an open-source environment that can help them with the development process. Node.Js development environment ranks as their first choice. 

You must be wondering why Node.JS is this important? Well, Node.JS development allows web developers to develop and run io-intensive web applications that can create a perfect ecosystem for data-intensive app development.

Along with that, Node.JS development uses an asynchronous, event-driven, single-threaded model that makes the development process flawless and quick. That is one of the reasons that justify the popularity of the Node.JS developers.

But if you want to hire dedicated Node.JS developers, you won't just hire any NodeJS developers. You should check what expertise dedicated Node.JS should have.

What Expertise Should a Dedicated Node JS Developer Have?

Whenever you want to hire Node.JS for your next project development requirement, you should check whether the developer has the below-listed expertise or not.

1) Knowledge about Node.JS Development

This is not even a point of discussion, even a fresher with no proven work portfolio should have knowledge about Node.JS development. Dedicated Node.JS not only helps with the development process but should also contribute to bug finding and fixing. You won't be able to get this help with fresh developers. 

So, it is advisable to hire Node.JS developers with at least three years of experience and a proven portfolio. Hiring experienced Node.JS developers can contribute their knowledge through Node.js internals- this also demonstrates that they are excellent team players with a strong interest in customized software and web app development.

2) Understanding of Front-end Development

Front-end development is what end-users will see and interact with while using the web application. So, the dedicated Node.JS developers must have a clear understanding and working knowledge of the front-end development technologies like CSS and HTML.

3) Understanding of Node.JS Framework

Frameworks and libraries are one of the most important factors in the web and development process. They help with the development of Node.JS features.

Even though various Node.JS frameworks exist, dedicated Node.JS developers should be able to work with at least one of the frameworks perfectly. One of the most popular frameworks is Express. 

The express framework is one of the primary frameworks that all Node.js developers and software programmers ought to know about, as per most Node.js developers.

Frameworks That Support Express:

Frameworks that support express framework: Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js.

Full-stack MVC Frameworks: 

StrongLoop, Sinatra, Keystone.js, Rails, Meteor, and ActionHero.

4) Knowledge About RESTful APIs and API Communications

Hire dedicated Node.Js developers who have outstanding knowledge about API integration and API communication. They can help you surmise existing API codes and apply them to your project.

Managing communications across various applications is an unquestionable requirement while having a broad comprehension of making custom ReSTful APIs.

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5) Asynchronous Programming

As mentioned above, Node.js is an asynchronous development environment and that implies that the ideal opportunity for solicitations to be handled is essentially low. At least two capabilities can run at the same time, allowing web developers to be more useful and effective.

Notwithstanding, because asynchronous programming is as yet a somewhat new innovation, there are nuances that each Node.JS developer ought to know about. Node.js developers will not be able to make the essential strides except if they completely handle the workarounds.

6) The Database Schema for Business Processes

One of the capacities expected to develop effective Node.js applications is data management. Database diagrams that portray and uphold business projects ought to be made by Node.js developers and incorporated into a single system - this is significant for setting web applications that may successfully support any organization's business tasks.

7) Code Writing Efficiency

If you want codes to be readable and comprehensible, it has to be in an object-oriented method. That is the responsibility of Node.JS developers. 

A few web developers and programmers write code that is difficult to understand for others, so they end up being troublesome to update or make changes without their guidance.

To guarantee consistency of work, ensure the dedicated Node.Js developer you hire for your project must follow industry best practices. Web app developers should cooperate with other people. On the off chance that they don't write the code properly, it might affect the productivity of the entire team and the progress of the project.

8) Problem-solving Skills

Error management is an important aspect of creating reliable software and applications. Node.js developers must understand when to crash, record an error, keep going, and when to try again. Any Node.js developer should possess basic problem-solving abilities including troubleshooting and syntax manipulation.

Not just for the Node.JS developers but for any developers out there, they need to have accurate problem-solving skills. Node.Js developers should have a thorough understanding of when to crash, record a blunder, continue onward, and when to attempt once more. The acute problem-solving skills can help them throughout the development process.

As now you know what skills Node.JS developers should have, it's time for you to understand what you can expect from your developers and understand what values they can bring to your business.

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What Benefits Dedicated Node.JS Developers Can Bring to Your Business?

1) Manageable & Easy Hosting

Node.js web development environment continually executes new features and functionalities that benefit people who give PaaS (platform-as-a-service) services that minimize the loading times; this is one of the principal reasons why businesses should hire Node.Js developers from web and app development companies.

2) NPM (Node Package Management)

The major credit for the popularity of Node.Js goes to NPM (Node Package management). It allows Node.Js developers to enhance the working of the development operations through quick sharing. Along with that Node.JS developers can easily manage and deploy the code through shared resources.

3) Real-Time Applications

If you want a mobile application with high-performing app speed that can deliver quick results then hiring Node.JS developers can be the only perfect choice for you. Node.Js developers from the top mobile app development company can deliver accurate results while performing multiple activities at once. Node.Js allows the developers to perform multiple concurrent requests all at once without affecting the RAM.

4) Single Codebase Usage

Various web and app development frameworks demand various different programming language support for both client-side and server-side web development. While on the other hand, dedicated Node.Js developers can utilize a single code base for both even for complex web app development. 

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Now you have an understanding of the Node.JS developers, you might start searching for proficient node.JS developers through various platforms. But you might overlook the fact that web and app development projects can not succeed without equal contribution from the entire app development team. So, it is best for you to hire dedicated Node.JS developers from a web development company in Toronto who can be there for you throughout the development process.

04Jul 2022


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Node. js development is designed to easily create fast and scalable web applications and develop solutions for high-traffic needs.

Node. js developers deploy and maintain network applications. They manage the exchange of data between servers and users, develop back-end components, and connect applications with other web services along with supporting front-end development with web-based app integration.

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