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How to Develop a Safe and Secure Payment Mobile App?

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01 Jul 2022

Digital money has been a boon to us. Nowadays, we are connected to our bank accounts 24*7. We can receive or send the amount, whenever we want to whomever we want through the payments app. Along with that, we can even check the account balance, transaction history and so on even at midnight, all thanks to payment apps.

If we talk about the numbers, according to the survey, Paypal is the most popular payment app in Canada, followed by Apple Pay with a 15.5% install rate. All these payment apps are popular around the globe because of their easy-to-use functionalities.

Even though the payment mobile application provides such easy-to-use functionalities, it is not an easy task to develop one.

Payment app development needs to take care of various things as you are going to deal with the money of users so you have to win over the users' trust through your offering.

Let's explore what you can offer in your payment mobile app.

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What Are The Key Features Of Payment Mobile Application?

The first and foremost thing that can help you win over the trust of your target audience is to get the minimum user details and offer the best user experience.

As you are going to be the platform which allows users to access their bank accounts, you have to convince them that their data is safe with them and you are not going to use it in any way possible.

Along with that, you should provide some set of features that can attract users to choose your mobile application against your competitor ones.

1) Secure Login

Secured login is one of the important features of the payment mobile app. As the user ID and password will not be enough, you can provide multi-factor authentication through biometric login. You can ask users to unlock the payment mobile app through face recognition or fingerprint scanner.

2) Profile Management

Mobile app users ought to be given chances to manage their profile by adding or removing multiple bank accounts, creating unique UPI ids, push notification preferences, setting up the profile picture, inviting friends, setting payment limits, enabling or disabling automatic currency conversion and various others. It will give them a chance to customize their profile based on their own preferences.

3) Payment Management

Payment management is the key functionality of the financial mobile application. Your payment app should allow users to send and receive payments through other users.

You should provide various ways of looking for a beneficiary such as a contact sync, search functionality, QR scanner, send through UPI, pay to number, bank transfer and various others.

Along with that, the user should get a notification about the transaction through SMS or email and an app notification pop-up.

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4) Crypto Payments

Various countries around the globe allow users to trade in crypto legally. So, not to miss out on this opportunity, you can allow your users to make the transaction through cryptocurrency.

You can allow your users to integrate their crypto wallets into your mobile application offering a smooth way of transaction.

5) Point-of-Sale (POS) Integrations

Your mobile application should permit business owners to receive the payments through their POS system. You can allow users to directly send and receive the payments through a QR code scanner. It will allow users to make touchless transactions within seconds.

6) Transaction History

Transparency of convenience and transection are among the most valued features of payment mobile applications. For payment app development, it's important to add a transaction history feature.

The features should be easy to browse through and access. You can allow users to choose the timeframe of transaction history or limit the time frame for example showing the transaction history of the past few months.

You can allow users to view as well as export and share the transaction history through 3rd party applications such as email and various others.

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7) Bill Splitting

The bill splitting functionality might not be the most important feature of a mobile application but it can be the most used functionality once added to the mobile app.

You can allow users to add the paid amount of shared trips, gifts, meals, rents, fares and various others allowing them to get the accurate contribution amount based on the number of members.

You can also allow them to send the transaction record with the other users allowing them to send the amount directly on the same screen.

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8) In-App Rewards

In-app, rewards are the best way to attract more users. You can offer your users discount coupons, rewards etc on their transaction or allow them to refer an app to friends and earn a significant amount.

You can collaborate with various businesses to offer discount coupons or let the users earn cash at the initial stage of the mobile app.

9) Budget Analysis

Payment applications that cover various requirements in a single mobile application draw in a bigger pool of users. Most of the users are probably going to remain faithful to payment applications that have some of the significant mobile app features.

Expanse tracking mobile app functionality is one of them. You can take advantage of this functionality allowing users to track and analyze their expenses throughout the month.

Along with that, you can even allow users to compare their expenses and reward them with a discount coupon or various other rewards for minimizing their expanse.

10) Social Features

The social interaction feature is not an optional feature but a necessity of most mobile applications. You can add the social feature to your payment app as well.

You can allow users to send texts, interactive notes, emojis and so on through the payment application. But do not forget the actual intention of the mobile application, so keep the social interaction features to the minimum as yours is a payment app, not a social networking mobile application.

11) Push Notifications

Any fintech app must send real-time push notifications about payment transactions whether it's a success or not, scheduled payments, payment confirmation, overdue payments and their share for the bill split and so on. You can allow users to manage their push notifications based on their preferences.

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The payment app development process and maintenance are more crucial than you think. So, it is necessary to reach out to proficient app developers who can deliver the desired outcomes. If you want to have accurate and efficient results, you should hire dedicated mobile app developers from Hyperlink InfoSystem, as they have years of experience and experience handling crucial mobile app development processes.

01Jul 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

The payment mobile app development can cost anything between $50,000 to $120,000. The estimated cost can vary based on the features and functionalities of the mobile application.

The payment mobile app development team should at least consist of Business Analyst, Project Manager, App designers, app developers and quality analysts.

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