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Top 8 Steps to Consider While Hiring Android App Developers


29 Jun 2022

If we ever take a look at our mobile apps we have various mobile applications that we don't even use on a daily basis. For the android users, this count is higher than the iPhone users. The reason for that is the storage space Android devices offer. That's the reason various business owners prefer to have an android mobile app to reach out to their target audience.

If you have a business and you want your application to reach out to a wider audience base then you should definitely hire android developers that can provide exceptional results to your app development requirements. But there are multiple ways that you can hire mobile app developers for your next project. Let's discuss ways to hire android app developers.

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How to Find Proficient Mobile App Developers?

There is not just one way to reach out to the android app developers for your next app development requirements. So, let's explore them all and you can choose your best fit.

1) In-house Development Team 

This mode is the least preferred one on the list. As the name recommends, here, the business hires its own team of portable application developers. For those asking why this is extraordinary, the explanation is that it is costly.

What's more, this is on the grounds that, to hire an in-house app development team, you have to reach out to a hiring agency that can help you find out the exceptional talents for you. This enrollment specialist will thus find and recruit appropriate android developers.

Presently, there are a few benefits here as well. To give some examples: the group will turn out just for you, totally dedicated. Furthermore, the board can straightforwardly associate them at whatever point they need. This method is best for the development companies only.

2) Freelancers 

The absolute first thing that rings a bell when one discusses recruiting android or any sort of developer is, freelancer. Presently, there are a lot of specialists on the lookout and there are a ton of platforms that assist you with doing exactly that.

Even though you can find freelance developers at a pocket-friendly price whenever you want there are still some disadvantages that you might face due to freelancers.

First thing first, freelancers are not very reliable. Let's assume they have been loyal to you throughout the development process but about the after-sale support? Freelance developers will not provide any kind of aftersale support and you have to start the whole hiring process once again.

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3) Hire Dedicated Developers

These are the only methods that you can utilize for hiring android developers. As you know there are millions of app developers and app development companies that exist, you should have knowledge about how you should find proficient app developers.

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Steps to Hire Android App Development Company

As you finalize your preferred method of hiring android app developers, it's time to pick the perfect one from the sea of millions of app developers. So, here is the list of things that can help you choose the best one.

1) Check The Programming Language Proficiency

Android app developers should know all about one of these two official android app development languages - either Java or Kotlin or both to deliver proficient results for Android app development. They should know about syntax and structure of the language, utilization of JDK documentation in Java, and various other concepts like variables, API integration, object-oriented fundamentals, loops and so on.

2) Knowledge About Android SDK Concepts

Android app developers ought to be great at using a pre-packed set of SDK (Software Development Kit) to integrate your applications with 3rd party tools and technologies that can speed up your app development process. They additionally ought to know about a couple of ideas like activity bars, user input, screen flexibility, data transfer and various others.

3) Familiarity With Database Tools

Every mobile app will generate tons of user data which should be stored and managed in a secure and precise manner. The app developers you hire should have knowledge about at least one of the database management tools that exist. They should have a thorough understanding of how the databases work, how to sync the data in the database, how users can access the data and so on to save and store app data.

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4) Understanding of Code Versioning Tools

Various tools such as Git, Github, and Bitbucket are significant for app developers since they allow developers to store the source code of each task. Mobile app developers can actually look at the app code history- what has been finished, what has been changed, which one is the most recent version, and so on. Moreover, these app development tools make communicating and collaborating with other team members who are working on the same project more easy and simple.

5) Familiarity with XML

XML is a must-have expertise for Android developers. With this structured markup language, app developers can transfer the information to numerous web-based locations and make strong layouts that act as a strong foundation for Android application UI.

6) Understanding of Development Tools

Android developers with no knowledge about IDE tools should never be your priority. Even fresh android developers should have knowledge about integrated development environment (IDE) for Google’s OS, such as Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA and so on. Android Studio supports all the programming languages that make it easier for the android app developers to develop a feature-rich, error-free solution based on the project requirements.

7) Essential Understanding of Android Material Design

Every Android application ought to be lined up with the Android Material Design rules that cover the fundamental UI/UX standards, fundamental design components, interface rules, and best practices to consider before developing exceptionally natural applications. That is the reason Android app developers should have a prominent understanding of Material Design.

8) Understanding Of RESTful APIs and Retrofit library for API calls

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a specific arrangement of code that empowers data exchange with numerous PC programs. App Developers need to perform API calls utilizing open source libraries like Retrofit with the goal that users can access the different web-based services through the mobile applications. They need to work with different APIs to develop more intelligent applications, and that is the reason this is a must-have expertise for the developer you want to hire.


These are the essential steps that anyone who is looking for android app developers should keep in mind. You can evaluate these skills of app developers during the interview process. If you consider hiring app developers from an app development company, they will have a transparent process listing all the skills and expertise their app developers have and what they will offer for your unique app development requirements.

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29Jun 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

You should check about their experience, expertise and their working portfolio. Along with that, you should also check their communication skills as well.

The answer to this question relies upon your project requirements. If you want an enterprise-sized mobile application you will need the assistance of an app development team or else you can choose to hire multiple developers as well. Only an Mobile app development company can answer this question precisely after having a thorough understanding of your project requirements.

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