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How To Develop E-Commerce Mobile App Like Noon


13 Jul 2022

Whether it could be shopping for home appliances or a home. We tend to browse through the online marketplace first. People all around the globe prefer online shopping to offline one. The global pandemic has given a much-needed push to online shopping.

It is not just our illusion, according to the reports, the retail e-commerce revenue of Canada crossed 61 billion USD in the year 2022 which is projected to cross 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. The worldwide revenue of the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$4.23tn in 2022. 

When it comes to online shopping most of us prefer e-commerce mobile applications to browse through. Even though there are millions of online shopping mobile applications exist, some of them such as Amazon, Kijiji, Walmart, Noon and so on. Even among all of them, Noon has been ruling the e-commerce industry in recent years.

What is Noon?

Basically, Noon is one of the most e-commerce shopping platforms that offer a huge range of products to the users including clothing, electronics, beauty products, baby products, groceries and everything in between. The E-commerce app development company Noon has done some amazing work to develop a highly interactive mobile app UI and offer amazing features and functionalities. 

One of the most commendable things about the e-commerce app development of Noon is that it allows users to find a particular product category directly from the home page without messing up their user experience. It's not just the home screen, every feature and functionality of Noon are designed and developed with the utmost care, and that's what attracts users to engage with the platform more frequently.

Let's explore the list of features that helps Noon e-commerce mobile applications to win over the E-commerce industry.

Top Features to Include in An E-Commerce Mobile App like Noon

As we all know there are various kinds of e-commerce mobile apps that exist but even though with various differences some of the e-commerce store's features help the e-commerce mobile app stand out as the best.

  • Simple Registration Process

As you are developing an e-commerce mobile application you should understand the fact that your target user base will be really large. It will include people with fewer technology familiarities.

So, the complex registering process can drive them away from your mobile app. So, keep the app registering process as simple as you can.

You can offer third-party integration functionalities that allow them to register and log into your e-commerce mobile app directly through their Google or Facebook accounts. 

Along with that, various small business owners will leverage your platform to enlist their business and sell the products through your mobile application.

Ask your E-commerce app development company to keep the enlistment process and verification process as minimal as they can. It will allow you to earn their trust and you will attract more businesses.

  • Customized User Profile  

The user profile is where users will enter their personal information. You can ask them to enter every single detail but don't make it compulsory for them.

User profile might seem an unnecessary feature but you can leverage it to offer various product suggestions based on their preferences. For example, If you are asking them to enter their birthdate; you can offer them a special birthday discount or similar products that they can use on their birthday such as a unique set of jewelry or a dress and so on.

  • 3rd Party Integration

If you are developing an e-commerce store you must take advantage of 3rd party tools integration. It will make the user and seller registration process easy and trustable.

There will be various accounts users will leverage such as a login account, a seller account, a payment account, a product management admin account and various others. The 3rd party integrated tools will minimize the development efforts of the developers and it will also enhance data security as well.

  • Product Catalog

The product catalog is one of the most important features of your mobile application. The product catalog should be approachable and user-centric.

You can ask your e-commerce mobile app designer to apply a minimal design approach over here. The product catalog should offer all the important details that attract users to click to know more about the product. You are halfway done turning the visitor into a customer if you manage to offer an attractive product catalog.

  • Exclusive Features & Functionalities

What if you have thousands of products listed on your platform, how do you expect your users to browse through them? You can not just list them down and expect your users to find them, right?

This is where you can offer search functionality that allows them to find the perfect product they are looking for. But make sure to keep the search functionality as flexible as you can.

You can allow them to search the product based on price, type, color, size and various other things. Along with that, you have to consider the synonym of the product name as well. For example, the system should deliver accurate results whether the user searches for pants or jeans or even bottoms.

  • Shortlist

Many e-commerce store owners underestimate the importance of the shortlist or favorite functionalities. If it's not an impulse buy or an emergency 90% of the users like to add the products to their favorites rather than in the cart. If they find the favorite list they will just leave the product and move on rather than adding them.

So you can ask your Android app development company to introduce the shortlist or favorite functionalities rather than just allowing them to leave the product. 

It will also reduce the cart abandonment rate and will help you get the user insights to suggest to them better options or drop of price for the particular product and so on. It will help you understand their preferences and you can offer a personalized user experience understanding that.

  • Push Notifications

Have you ever thought about why most mobile applications leverage the functionalities of push notifications? To build brand image or enhance brand loyalty or maximize the ROI or attract more users? No matter which one you consider all of them right.

Push notifications are the most amazing feature of any mobile app development. It will allow you to leave a positive image of your brand in the users' minds. 

You can introduce more products, the products left in the cart, updates on their order, discount offers and various other things through push notifications.

The more creative content you offer through push notifications, the more user visit ratio. At a certain point, push notifications also work as a social media platform.

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Along with all these features, there are various other things that you have to consider while developing an e-commerce mobile app store like Noon. Having proper guidance and availability of all the latest tools and technologies can help you win over the users just like Noon mobile app. 

The e-commerce mobile app development company in Toronto can help you fulfill all your requirements. Not only that, but they can also help you get started on your e-commerce journey with Metaverse as well.

13Jul 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce android app development can take up to 2-3 months while on other hand iOS app development can take 3-4 months. But keep in mind that the e-commerce app development time duration depends on various factors such as the features and functionalities of the app, the complexity of the app, the skills and experience of the developers and many more.

The e-commerce mobile app development can cost around 20,000 to 25,000 USD. But keep in mind that the e-commerce app development cost depends on various factors such as the features and functionalities of the app, the complexity of the app, the development hours, development tools and technologies and many more.

E-commerce mobile app development is a complex process. SO, it is advisable to get assistance from the app development company Canada to get a fully functional e-commerce mobile application.

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