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iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS Ventura: What's New


15 Jun 2022

Whether it could be a product launch or OS updates, Apple always becomes the talk of the town if every single change. Once again Apple became a sessional Twitter trend and the talk of the town in June 2022 with the introduction of iOS 16, iPadOS16, WatchOS 9 and macOS Ventura.

This OS 16 update has resolved various bugs of the older iOS version, along with that, it is also going to introduce various unique features for Apple users. These latest features and functionalities of the Apple OS are surely going to win over the hearts. So, existing and new apple users let's explore the new features and functionalities of the latest operating system version.

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iOS 16

  • Lock Screen Customization

iOS 16 will allow the apple users to redesign the lock screen with multiple locked screens linked to the focus mode. Along with that, with the latest update, users will be able to change the look of the lock screen with app widgets, animated wallpaper and much more.

  • Notification

Now users will be able to roll up the notification from the bottom of the screen.

  • Live Activity

Users now will be able to keep the track of their live activity in real-time such as ride-share, food delivery orders, sports games, workouts and various others.

  • Improve Focus Mode

The enhanced version of focus mode will allow users to activate focus mode and set boundaries within various applications like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari.

  • Shared Photo Library

The iOS 16 will allow users to share their photo library with up to six family members at once with the separate iCloud library. Every member of the shared photo library will be able to edit, add, delete and favorite the shared photos and videos.

  • Enhanced Messaging Functionality

Apple users will get various additional functionalities with the messaging functionalities in iOS 16. They will be able to edit and recall the sent messages, mark conversations as unread, recover recently deleted messages and various others.

The SharePlay functionality will allow the users to enjoy the movies and songs with synced content and shared playback controls at the same time chatting in Messages.

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  • Mail

The iOS 16 update will allow the users to schedule and cancel the email delivery. The mail will remind them if they have forgotten to attach the file.

  • Apple Pay Later and Wallet

Apple Pay Later will provide enhanced security and privacy with additional functionalities with age verification, face ID and Touch ID.

Apple Pay later will allow users to split the cost of an apple pay purchase into four equal payments spread over six weeks with zero interest and no fees for US users. Apple pay later will be built using a wallet mobile application allowing users to track and repay later payments.

  • Home

The users will be able to navigate, organize, and view accessories through easy and new home navigation along with smart home connectivity.

  • Maps

The iOS 16 will provide multi-stop routing functionality to add up to 15 stops in advance and sync routes from a mac to an iPhone to get the transit updates about their journey cost.

  • Safari

The iOS 16 will bring enhanced features and functionalities allowing users to share the websites with family and friends, add website tabs and keep the track of what others are doing. Along with this, numerous other enhanced safety and security features iOS 16 updates will bring for safari users.

  • Fitness

iOS 16 will allow all iPhone users to track their fitness, steps, distance, flights and various other things even without an Apple watch. The motion sensor of the iPhone will track all the user activities accurately.

  • Live Text and Visual Look Up

iPhone users will now be able to identify text from the videos and images from any frame. They will also be able to see the live text and convert them to any currency, language and more.

iOS 16 visual lookup will allow users to tap and hold on to the images, lift them from the background and share it with friends and family through messaging mobile apps. It will also recognize the objects from the photos such as status, insects, birds and so on.

  • Siri

Siri will provide more enhanced services such as skipping the confirmation steps, picking up and hanging up facetime calls, sending texts with emojis and various others in iOS 16. 

  • Parental Controls

The enhanced features and functionalities of the iOS 16 will allow the creation of a child account from the start that will not only list the age-appropriate video content but also books, music, mobile apps and various other things.

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iPadOS 16

  • New Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are one of the major updates of iPadOS 16. It will allow the users to integrate various tools such as messages, group messages, numbers, pages, notes, files, reminders, safari, Freeform and various other 3rd-party tools that will allow users to share and collaborate with each other in a precise manner.

  • Desktop Functionalities

Apple is trying to provide a Mac equivalent user experience to iPad users. The users with iPadOS 16 will now be able to use various functionalities just like the Mac such as customisable toolbars, desktop-style undo and redo, change file extension ability, in-line find-and-replace and various others.

To be sure-shot users will get an iPhone with a large screen look with Mac software functionalities. iPadOS 16 will surely become the blend of iPhone and Mac for Apple users.

  • Weather App

Apple users will get one of the most missing features of any iPad device, the Weather app is now available with an iPadOS 16 update. Users will now have an official weather application with all the features and functionalities like weather forecasts, maps, air quality and various others with detailed animation, graphics and live functionalities.

  • Gaming Features

One of the amazing news for gamers is that the new update will provide a more improved gaming experience that will allow users to launch new games, and invite friends to play games together while staying connected through live messaging and facetime functionalities.

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WatchOS 9 

  • Watch Face

With the new update of WatchOS 9, users can not only change the watch face but will get the calendar updates based on the watch Face. For example, the Lunar watch face will provide an Islamic calendar and the same goes for the astronomy face. Along with that, users will get various other watch faces such as pets, portrait faces and various others with different typography features and functionalities.

  • Workout Features

The Apple WatchOS 9 will provide various enhanced features and functionalities of new running matrics, stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, heart rate zone and various others that can help you understand your health in a more distinguished way, letting the user know whether they are recovering well or not.

  • Sleep Cycles

Ever since the introduction of sleep tracking in the Apple watch, it has been improving every year. This time, along with tracking sleep and heart rate, the WatchOS 9, will let the users know which sleeping stage they are in, the time they spent in each stage, how many times they have woken up during their sleep and various other things.

  • AFib History

The apple watch owner of 4 or the newer versions with AFib disease (irregular heartbeat) will be able to track their ECG directly through the apple health mobile app. They will now be able to watch their habits or activities that can affect their health. The users will be able to share the data directly with their doctors.

  • Medications App

The latest update will allow users to track and manage their medication intake through the apple watch. Apple Watch users will now receive notifications and reminders to take medicines on the watch and they will also get the information about the dangerous drug intake or about the critical concerns about the medicines. Users will be able to share the medication intake data with the trusted person who took care of their health.

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macOS Ventura

  • Stage Manager

The new update will bring stage manager functionality, allowing users to stay focused on their work with the multitask functionalities. It will rearrange the other app windows based on the users' work, creating a 3D speed dial look for a more distraction-free experience.

  • Spotlight Search

The macOS Ventura update will allow users to search for the files, photos, movies, music, TV shows and various others through spotlight search on the Mac as well as on the web. Along with that, the OCR functionality will detect the text from the images through OCR functionality. Users can now create tasks as timers in the latest macOS update. One of the best things about the improved spotlight functionality is that now users can access their iPhone and iPad right from their home screen.

  • Mail App

The latest mail functionality update of macOS Ventura will allow users to undo the sent mail quickly, schedule the mail to send with send later feature, mail reminder, link search, document search, typo error detection and various others. It will be available for iOS and iPad as well.

  • Gaming Improvements

One of the exciting features of the macOS for gamers is that it will provide more realistic and improved gaming functionalities with faster loading time and enhanced user experience.

  • Continuity Camera

macOS Ventura will provide users with enhanced video call user experience with different modes such as focus mode, center stage, camera shift mode, portrait mode and various others.

The macOS Ventura will detect the users' nearby user iPhone allowing users to switch their call from the Mac to the iPhone and vice-versa.

  • System Settings

The users will get the system settings instead of system preferences. Users will get the tab with the sidebar rather than the icon-based UI.


The latest version of the iPhone, iPad, Mac and watch will provide various amazing promising features and functionalities that can provide an amazing user experience. Contact Hyperlink InfoSystem to get an affordable pricing package. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading mobile app development and IT solutions company based in Canada.

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15Jun 2022


Frequently Asked Questions

They will not release the latest update until fall 2022. Users will get the latest update more likely around October 2022.

Apple released a Developer Beta of iOS 16 on Monday, June 6 2022.

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