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Top 5 Pharmacy Apps in Canada - Online Medicine Delivery App

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17 Jun 2022

Whether we acknowledge it or not, the medical and healthcare department has always been our savior for us. The global pandemic has proved it to every one of us. One other thing that the pandemic has proved to us, is how important on-demand mobile applications are.

The on-demand mobile apps helped us to stay connected to each other and deliver food and medicine without getting in touch with others.

At the time of crisis, various pharmacy mobile apps came forward and allowed us to get our medicines, checkup and various medical needs up to date providing various services such as remote checkups, online medicine delivery, emergency services and various other services.

Even after adopting the new normal, there are some pharmacy mobile apps that are trending all over Canada. Let's explore the list of top online medicine delivery mobile apps in Canada that can be your perfect companion.

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Top Pharmacy Mobile Apps

1) Algo Apps

One of the amazing online medicine delivery apps in Canada is Algoapp. The amazing features and functionalities of the Algoapp provide end-to-end control of their health record along with allowing the users to scan and submit the prescription to get the desired medicine delivered at the doorstep.

Users can also order unprescribed medicines that users might not get from their local pharmacy. The integration of the latest trends and technologies into Algoapp makes it more flawless for the users to find the medicine they require.

Along with providing online medicine delivery services, Algoapp allows users to schedule their refills, and save and maintain their health records, easily.

The Algoapp users allow the users to get the remote doctor consultation as well through registered Canadian prescribers and physicians. Users can also schedule their consultations and get accurate diagnosis reports for their illnesses.

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2) ADV CARE Pharmacy

ADV care pharmacy allows Canadian users to order medicine through a very simple process. The users just have to sign in on the platform after entering details about their medical profile, their physician' details, their contact details and address details to deliver the ordered medicine.

To get the accurate details, users need to enter the medical prescription and the admin panel of the ADV Care online pharmacy mobile app will confirm the medicines and add them to your cart. You can then choose your preferred payment mode and shipping address.

Users can set the refill reminders. The ADV Care will remind the users to place the order for the refills. One of the things that helps make ADV Care more useful for the users around Canada is that it allows the users to send a copy of the prescription through the post and ADV Care will deliver the medicine mentioned to the user's address.

To make it more approachable for the non-technical friendly people, it allows users' physicians to fax the users' prescriptions along with their delivery details so the online pharmacy can deliver the medicine directly to the users without demanding any attention and effort from the users' end.

3) Well Ca. is an online pharmacy e-commerce store that delivers various products such as medicines, wellness products, baby care products, beauty & skincare products, home and lifestyle products, vitamin & supplements, fitness and protein products and various others.

Well Ca is a customer-centric e-commerce store that believes in customer wellness the most. Users can register themselves and get access to the largest online pharmacy in Canada.

Users can browse the products of Well Ca based on brands as well. One of the most amazing features of Well Ca is the Baby registry. It allows the soon to be parents to get all the baby products, new mama products and various other supplements at the time they will need them.

Along with that, it allows the users to register and send the registry link to their loved ones, friends and family allowing them to order the necessary items for the parents.

If you are looking for any wellness products Well Ca is the perfect choice for you. Well Ca also allows the users to connect with the physician, dietician, Naturopath and various other healthcare professionals through their portal.

Users need to register themselves and choose their required services and they will get access to professionals to get accurate services.

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4) PocketPills

PocketPills is another online pharmacy mobile app that delivers the required medicine to the users without any extra charges.

Users can register themselves on the mobile app through a mobile number or email address and browse through the medicines based on their illness or diagnosis. Along with that, Users can browse through the portal based on drugs or diagnoses.

Users can get the details about the drugs such as the form of drug, manufacturer, generic name, strength, dose intake, side effects, suitable for, pricing and various other details before placing the order. Users can order the medicine from PockPills after adding the doctor's prescription on the mobile app. Users can set reminders for drug intake and refills as well.

Along with that, users can book their physician appointment and get the diagnosis while staying at home. Users can consult one of the reputed doctors of Canada just by scheduling an appointment through the mobile app.

PocketPills guarantee that every consultation of the patients and physician stays private and no one else can access that.

5) Epocrates

Epocrates is slightly different from the other above-listed pharmacy mobile apps. Rather than allowing users to order the medicine and providing remote consultation, it allows the users to get accurate details about the healthcare.

It allows the users to browse through various healthcare-related articles, videos, podcasts and various other educational information for their preferred category.

Along with that, users can get accurate drug details such as brands, genric, adverse reactions, drug interactions, contraindications, dose form and various other details through this simple to use mobile app.

Along with that, the most amazing feature of this mobile app is that it allows users to check the potentially harmful interactions between various brands, generic, and OTC drugs or herbs and supplements all at the same time.

Users can also identify the pills based on their imprint code or physical characteristics such as shape, color, and scoring along with basic details of the pill such as images, links and basic other drug details.

Epocrates mobile app is useful for various people such as patients, pharmacists, physicians, medical students and so on.


Even though all the above mentioned mobile apps fall into the category of Pharmacy mobile apps, all of them are really unique in their own ways. You can even own a pharmacy mobile app uniquely. You can reach out to the mobile app development company Canada with your requirements and they will help you build the mobile app based on your project requirements.

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17Jun 2022

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