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Top 08 Benefits Of Cloud Backend For Mobile Apps Development

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01 Aug 2022

No matter what your purpose for the mobile app development can be; the back-end development is one of the important and crucial parts of the development. Most of the functionalities of the mobile application depend on backend development.

Backend development supports mobile applications to enable collaboration with other frontend features and functionalities to develop components and features on the server-side, which the users obliquely access through the front-end application. Along with that, backend development is also important to enhance the security of the mobile application. But one of the questions that come up is to choose whether the backed developer should develop their own backend for the mobile application or use the Backend-as-a-service.

Making The Right Choice

Choosing the right fit for backend development technology affects lots of things such as user experience, safety and security of the user data, flawless working of the frontend and many more things. With the enhancement of the cloud backend, people all around the globe get confused about how cloud backend-as-a-service can offer better benefits than backend development?

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Benefits of Cloud Backend-as-a-Service

1) Tedious Development Task Reduction

The whole point of the existence of development is to automate the processes and minimize human efforts as much as we can. The Backend-as-a-services help the mobile app developers to minimize their tedious development tasks such as data management, client-server library management, physical app server management, Admin Control panel development, API development and many more. Automating these tasks not only minimizes the development efforts but also saves a lot of development time.

2) Usage of Advance Technology

Every tech innovation has helped us grow more with minimum effort whether it could be an invention of the telephone or mobile device. Considering the same thing cloud development allows app developers to leverage social SDKs and APIs for the app development process not only to minimize the development efforts but also to minimize the chances of creating blunders and automating the service usage.

3) Enhanced Mobile App Features

One of the best things about the cloud Baas is that it can make it conceivable to transform other software services into the backend, and even mobile app users themselves will be equipped for making their mobile apps for a particular platform through BaaS. So mobile app developers can develop various mobile app features such as social media integration, push notifications and so on through cloud Backend-as-a-Service. The benefit of developing them using Baas, the app developers can use them for any app development platform as reusable app features.

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4) App Development Cost Reduction

Even though it seems like an easy task, the app development process demands a lot of investment of time and money. Building a mobile application includes everything starting from the development project requirement discussion, design process, development process, app testing, deployment and even app maintenance as well. So, using Baas will optimize the backend development process and will also help to automate the testing functionality as well. 

The cloud automation of testing functionality will minimize the dependency on the internal storage that will enhance the usage of cloud resources to perform the backups and various other testing functionalities that will enhance the app security as well. Baas will help to get the maximum outcomes at the minimum spending through a cloud-based architectural framework.

5) Device Friendly Mobile Application 

BaaS makes it conceivable to develop the code for countless cell phones. Likewise, it tends to be the web to change over a mobile application into a web application. If you consider taking the help from proficient mobile app developers who can leverage their expertise and experience the cloud BaaS can deliver exceptional results. Along with that, if needed BaaS service providers can help to develop native SDKs for the various platforms. So, I guess there is no reason to avoid Cloud BaaS.

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6) Easy Mobile App Maintenance

Every mobile application needs constant updates to get rid of bugs, leverage new technology, enhance the user experience and for various other reasons. And these updates demand an investment of time and money. So sometimes app maintenance can be more troublesome than the whole app development process. On the other hand, mobile backend-as-a-service simplifies the process through a continuous integration process. The continuous integration process allows the seamless integration of the mobile app features and functionalities that automate most of the tasks minimizing demanding less investment of time and money.

7) Mobile App Personalization

The MBaaS features allow the app developers to have as much customization as needed adding features as and when needed. The cloud dependency makes it feasible to adopt any platform they want providing a proficient user experience. Along with that, if the app developers face any issue regarding the migration or app speed the cloud backend will assist with tackling this issue.

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8) Enhanced Data Security and Efficiency

User data security is one of the prime concerns of any app developer. So, various app developers raise the question about data security when it comes to the utilization of the cloud backend of mobile app development. The answer to this question lies in the data migration process. The traditional platform migration process used to face a problem such as data loss, missing data and various others.

While on the other hand, MBaaS providers can simply export all the data through Management Console. The cloud BaaS not only supports the seamless migration process but also provides enhanced security to all the data through various factors. The access control list of MBaaS does not allow users to access the server directly, keeping them safe and secure from any kind of data leak or data theft.

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These benefits are more than enough to convince anyone of the potential cloud backend development holds. But still, various app developers out there prefer the traditional backend development because they are way too comfortable with their own development process. The backend developers have the capability to get the unexplored advantages of cloud backend development. If you are a backend developer, we would love to know your views on the cloud backend for mobile app development

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01Aug 2022

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